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I love my friend H. He’s like the big brother I always wanted. I wish he was my big brother.

H is about 52 (sorry H I forgot!) and he emailed me the other day. We had been discussing our time living in China (where I met him) and he said he was “lucky to have experienced it when he was young enough to enjoy it”.

This is awesome in so many ways. I don’t mean awesome in the patronising sense of ‘ah bless, someone age 53 can actually think they are young enough to enjoy cool stuff’, I mean they actually were young enough to enjoy it. H had a great time. He worked like a dog. He lifted weights like an animal. He went out. He f*cked bitches. More than me! In fact in so many aspects of his life H inspired me. He showed me that there are alternatives, that sometimes you can just go take a crack at something.

Age is a state of mind. Without question.

And there I was a while back thinking I was too old to Game now at the grand old age of 35. Ha! You loser Mr January-Me. I’m lucky to still only be 35 and have discovered this stuff. I could have NEVER discovered this stuff. I could have discovered it age 80!

I feel so privileged to have discovered this stuff when I’m only 35 and lucky to be young enough to enjoy the fruits of it.

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