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Blog disgust. Me.

DrunkenBaker was ripping it out of me a few weeks ago saying that I was the ultimate bedroom-PUA and was more interested in writing about Game than doing it. We both realised how utterly apt my monker ‘Bhodisatta’ is as I truly do remain pure to help others (mainly that little shit DrunkenBaker) gain enlightenment. I was pompously lecturing him on the power of Future-Projection and he said “what’s that?”. Next thing I know he’s reporting it’s awesome power from a date he used it on. Later on he’s telling me of his plan to reveal his secret love for his long term Oneitis and I laugh at his “frankly amateurish” plans; launching into a twenty-five minute long lecture about reinvention, emotional relevance, emotional control, Alpha-frames and Fractionation as he stared at me open-mouthed.

What has happened to me? My ratio of knowledge to application is probably 5:1. His is probably 1:1. Every single thing he knows he can apply; with results. He is fucking two women with a third being cleaned and dressed for the oven as we speak. I am fucking none.

I do not want this to become the sad man’s blog. This is not intended to be the place guys come to to read nerdy articles and avoid actually doing Game. I don’t want to be that guy who knows everything about Game and gets no success. I don’t want my blog comments to be from similar middle-aged pua-nerds discussing theory.

My inital decision was to kill this blog and actually post nothing until I actually closed a girl in some form or other. I’ve actually ignored my blog for a couple of weeks out of self-disgust. However I’ve had a think and a pense and backed off a little from this. Yes, in a way it’s a sad blog but I do enjoy writing and want to develop this skill and this blog is a great way to do it. So the compromise is to post less. Expect less posts! I’ll put a few up when and only when I feel like it.

I’ve recently had to make a firm decision about my accommodation, job and finances and have decided to commit 100% to my Game Sabbatical. This is a minimum of December and January in London (should I actually succeed in finding somewhere to live!) doing Game pretty much full time. I WILL pick up my blog properly during this period and probably be posting a lot.

Why am I taking a Game Sabbatical?

Game is hard. Well coming from a position of having comprehensively fucked Inner Game it is. Super-hard. Harder than pickled marble.

Time is short. I’m weak. I get tired a lot. I need eight hours sleep a night. After a day’s work I feel monged and my soul is squashed and want to just go home and vegetate. My job itself kills the state I need to do Game. All my joie de vive, the tiny crumb-sized amount I have, is eradicated. I don’t even want to speak to people. I’ve got no buzz. I actually look foward to going to bed. Draw the curtains. Get a nice M&S mini-salad on the go, stick some ‘Big Bang Theory’ on the laptop, mong-out.

Learning to Game by doing it once a week on weekends is like trying to learn to play the guitar or to box by doing it once a week on weekends. No, even better, it’s like trying to learn to act by doing it once a week. Crap. Ineffective. A chore. London is full of guys doing dribs and drabs of Game and failing to make real progress. It ends up not being fun, and if you’re tired from a week of work then you don’t want to spend a day of your precious weekend doing Game.

This is why I’m taking time off. I’m doing Game  every day. I’m going total immersion. Each day will build on the previous one; I’ll be doing sessions of Game with a successiveness close enough to build on the latent state and skill gained from the previous session. It’s like a ladder; you do a Game session once and you climb three steps. You wait a week and you’ve come down two steps already.

The trick is to gorge on it and build on it. Get yourself to Pimp level, internalize the change, seal it in, brand it into your brain, repeat, repeat, repeat, retrain that elephant. Then you can go back to the day job and do it once or twice a week and all the suffering is done; you’re at a level where it’s fun and you look forward to it and it isn’t a chore.

Establishing a harem is something you can also do on a sabbatical. Getting a harem, or at least a couple of girlfriends on the go takes time and effort. I’ve been doing some online dating recently and part of the problem is people just don’t have time to even date! Work, commute, sleep. Work, commute, sleep.

I don’t know if two or three months will be long enough, it probably won’t, but it’s a start. Jump myself up a level, get a couple of hos on the go, even just one, then go back to the boring day job (hopefully one which damages my soul less) knowing I have female company ‘sorted’ and enough skills to Game on impulse whenever I feel like it.

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  1. Telluride
    November 3, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Game sabbatical is stupid. Women are the purpose of life. Women and men were made for each other. Game is game because of women. You are making this too complicated. And too scary. It isn’t that hard. Many many years ago I knew a sailor. In every port he visited he walked around telling every decent looking woman he ran into he wanted to fuck her. He swore up and down he always got laid. Women want to be desired. They want to make men happy. They want to screw. In fact, I just read a medical report that Doctors used to masturbate women to relieve their anxiety. If you give up on game for the reason you are giving up, you are giving up on life.

  2. Jason
    November 4, 2010 at 12:27 am

    He’s taking a sabbatical to game, not to NOT game.

    Good move, I think. I wish I could do it myself. If it weren’t for this whole making a living thing.

    I hope it goes well for you man.

    • bhodisatta
      November 4, 2010 at 2:10 am

      Correct. I was thinking…. WTF??

  3. November 4, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Hey mate, good luck on this endeavor. I’ve done something like this twice before. Both times I got a shag or two out of it, but didn’t get the results I wanted for various reasons. These experiences did change my views of game quite dramatically.

    I’m thinking that what you really want out of this is not a harem, but the ability to go out and get a new girl(s) into your life without a massive effort involving lots of time, energy, rejection (the sales side of pickup).

    Whatever happens you’ll learn a lot doing this.

    • bhodisatta
      November 5, 2010 at 9:51 pm

      Exactly. Getting a harem: unlikely. Getting the skills past the pain barrier so when I go back to work it’s not all a grind: likely.

  4. November 4, 2010 at 10:52 am

    Good idea. Give me a shout and we’ll tear it up.

  5. Darroux
    November 4, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Good luck with your plans. Pursue the writing as well. I’ve enjoyed your blog for the content and the style.

  6. JimJim
    December 17, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    “Time is short. I’m weak. I get tired a lot. I need eight hours sleep a night. After a day’s work I feel monged and my soul is squashed and want to just go home and vegetate. My job itself kills the state I need to do Game. All my joie de vive, the tiny crumb-sized amount I have, is eradicated. I don’t even want to speak to people. I’ve got no buzz. I actually look foward to going to bed. Draw the curtains. Get a nice M&S mini-salad on the go, stick some ‘Big Bang Theory’ on the laptop, mong-out.”

    Just re-read your post. I found myself asking – what cool, attractive, happy girl would want to hang out with a guy in that situation? Deep down you may be a really interesting, humorous, intelligent guy that anyone would want to hang out with. But if you have a boring life, then this will drive girls away (at least in my experience).

    Personally when I was at uni I had girls queuing up to be my girlfriend. I can remember how the current girl I was fucking was complaining that the next girl (who obviously had designs on me) wasn’t as good as her. Just a few short years later I was stuck without a girlfriend for long periods of time. Why? Because I worked for an American Bank and my life sucked. Work was pretty stressful with long hours. I had no free time in which to build up a circle of cool friends. When Friday’s rolled around I often had not many people to hang out with (I was too tired to go out anyway). I had money, but no time for a life. Also at uni I got fairly good grades and felt good about myself. At the bank I really wasn’t that into it, but also felt like I wasn’t doing very well.

    What is my point? Perhaps there isn’t actually anything wrong with you that needs to be improved. Perhaps your job and the situation you have ended up in is fucking things up for you?

    Personally I was hoping that you would decide to go tour in Asia. Mainly because my instincts tell me that you would be happier and have more fun doing this, which could result in you getting laid more.

    • bhodisatta
      December 26, 2010 at 8:45 pm

      Mmm I was in a pretty bad mood when I wrote that. Basically I’m an exceptional man in boring circumstances, rather than the other way round, and I’m working on it. I can fuck whores in Manilla anytime, I’m glad I’m doing game.

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