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Hot Indian flakes

May 26, 2010 1 comment

No I don’t mean Cadbury’s is adding garam masala to the recipe….

1980's schoolboys ejaculate en-masse into their Y-fronts as this advert shows on telly.

I mean as per previous post my Indian babe has flaked. My attempts at text game with her so far are:

Me [Monday 16:49]

Hey there. Nice to speak to you yesterday. Hope yr having a good day. Bhodisatta.

(Nice and simple. Adding value. No shit jokes. Nothing threatening. probably waited too long to text her consdering the close was around 3pm the day before. In future will text back same day to keep the memories fresh).

Her [Monday 20:14]

Hey! Yes was lovely – if only everyday could be a sunday!!! It’s been frozen yoghurt weather today as well but i’ve only just got out of the office 😦 no rest for the wicked!

(Despite a dissapointingly long response time the response is awesome. Lots of happy exclamation marks and she even mentions back to our conversation (we talked about frozen yoghurt))

Me [Tuesday 11:14]

Poor you.. well rec-cons [recruitment consultants] are a little wicked so i suppose u deserve it. What did u do with the sun? No yogits for me I need my cardie.

(Waited till the next morning to reply. Didn’t want to seem too keen. Still think this was ok. Bit of a tease about the job. Open question about the sun to make a reply easy. Then a retarded Alpha-collapsing nonsense on the end which I can’t believe I wrote. Misspelling yoghurt for comic effect…. UGH I feel sick. Mention of a cardie… DLV myself why don’t I? both for the fact I’m saying I need a cardigan plus using a gay-sounding northern slang for it. Yuk.)

Still, this isn’t some “one strike and you’re out” game so I’m not going to beat myself up. I am the prize, not her. Could have done better but could have done a lot worse. My AFC self would have just asked her out on the first text!

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Welcome to the World Of Flaking

May 26, 2010 2 comments
I’m glad I put Sunday in a little box and stored it away.. as I now have to start facing up to the next challenge to face the budding PUA….


Looks like my gorgeous Indian from Sunday has done so… who knows why? I’m sure she has a logical reason in her genetically illogical and confused brain. Bless.
I need to steal myself to get flaked on…. A LOT. Such is the life of the PUA. You take girls, manipulate their state, pump them up, get a number, and the next day when they’re back to normal it just feels so different for them. Add ontop of that the constant state of confusion that the western woman lives in and her pathological need to always hold out for something better and you get a lot of flaking.
But thankfully I am starting to taste that most glorious of attributes, one of the foundations of PUA’ness… Yes, I mean


I used to think there was something so cold and callous about harvesting numbers and trawling through them like a telesales agent and working all the angles. Now I’ve had a taste of the game I see nothing wrong with this. Women cause it! Their endless flaking means only the indifferent man can take it. Any sensitive guy will be ripped to shreds. Let’s run through a few scenarios:
Non-PUA scenario
A typical AFC is on the way home from work. By accident he happens to get talking to a girl on the tube on the way home. Seems to go well. Through sheer nerves he doesn’t blab on too much and manages to come across less Herby than normal. Through sheer panic he asks for a number and gets it. He takes it home and can’t believe it. Finally! He’s met a good woman, his loneliness is over. Where shall he take her for their first date? What shall he wear? Ohh, when should he call her? He wonders if she’s thinking of him. When should he call her. He goes to sleep happy and resolves to call the next day. The next day his nerves and tingling all morning and he feels a little sick with anxiety. ‘Come on mate’ he tells himself ‘don’t want to be single for ever!’. Finally he resolves to do it and calls the number. Voicemail. Never mind. He leaves a little message in a falsely jolly voice and asks her to call him back. By evening time he has been running scenarios through his brain all day. Maybe her battery was dead? Maybe she was too busy? Maybe there’s no signal in her office? He spends thirty minutes crafting a text message and sends it over.
Bed time rolls up and still no response. He’s starting to feel weird now. Howcome she hasn’t contacted him? She must be really busy. Next day he tries calling again but after ringing for a while it goes to voicemail. He leaves another message. By now he is starting to feel weepy. What’s going on? They had a good chat. She seemed nice. Not too pretty but nice looking. Not too young. Relatively intelligent. He knows he’s an interesting, sensitive guy. Surely she wants a boyfriend?
Finally the day after he gets it. She isn’t going to call him. He goes to the toilets at work and has a bit of a cry. Why? Why bother giving your number if you don’t want to call someone? He can’t understand women. Maybe he’ll always be single. He really should try Guardian Soulmates.
HB5.5 is 30, describes herself as ‘curvy’ and would list her interests as ‘friends, socialising, cooking, movies’. She’s on the way home from work one night and the driver makes a weird announcement and for a few seconds the London-coldness slips and everyone laughs about it. There’s some guy next to her says something witty and they get talking for a few minutes. He seems nice enough, the friendly sort and probably quite sensitive. He says a few funny things and she laughs a bit. He asks for her number and, well, he seems ‘ok’ so she gives it. Nothing special. Nice enough. You never know.
Next day she’s at work and her phone rings. She doesn’t recognize the number so doesn’t bother answering. A voicemail appears and it’s that bloke off the tube. Oh. Seems a bit keen calling after only meeting someone once. Well he’s hardly her dream man, not that handsome and no… je ne sais quoi… she’s really looking for someone quite tall, broad, dark, rugby player type.. like Gavin she went out with when she was 25. She doesn’t call back and heads off to the vending machine to get some Maltesers.. and a Caramac. Later on he texts her. Gross. Next day the freak calls again. Talk about keen. A bit sad. She adds his number in with a name of ‘X’ so she can recognize it and not answer it.
PUA scenario
Opened 23 sets today. Got 2 instant dates, 5 Facebooks and 3 numbers. Called them all Tuesday. Most flaked but one instant date looks very good.
Met a cool guy on the tube. Gave him my number. Next day I just felt kind of down, a bit tired…….blah, blah, blah, white noise….who cares?
I prefer the latter.
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Great training offer..

One of my trainers, Johnny Wisdom,  is offering a never to be repeated special on a 6 month training package.

Take a look here.

Anyone wanting to make a change to their life and looking for someone to help with this couldn’t go far wrong with this as a start.

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The perfect day (game)

May 26, 2010 8 comments

Sunday was a great day. A classic. I’m going to pop the memory of Sunday into a little glass-sided presentation box and keep it on my memory-mantlepiece. Why so great? Another hill crested on my way up the mountain range.

I didn’t think the day would be so good. In the morning my bottle of cod liver oil slipped out of my hand and smashed a plate: a significant plate. I’ve had this plate for 13 years. I was bought for me by a friend at university. A beautiful (9/10), intelligent girl who I was in some weird kind of LJBF situation with, a perverse kind of sisterly love born out of total, 100% self-desexualisation. I kept the plate (it was quite nice) and it always reminded me of her. There it was, smashed to pieces.

I had my final one-to-one with Johnny and Suave booked and had decided to go for day game AA work. The weather was great and I went into town to drop my mate off at the bus station. Had an awesome full-english while I was there. Day was starting to look good.

Met up with the guys at Covent Garden to begin the session. This was it.. time to work on day game AA. Plenty of fit women… all over, worshipping their god, Mammon. I was to use a direct opener and the first few times I did it I couldn’t quite get used to the concept of boldly running up and jumping in front of the girl. Cue a few pathetic shuffles alongside.. nastily in the peripheral vision to freak her out. A few times I fell into the horrible position of following a girl, inching closer. Wrong wrong wrong. The guys told me to try doing it properly: run alongside, run round in an arc and boldly jump straight in front of her.

So I gave that a go. Wow! The bolder the better. Did my first successful approach with a gorgeous, gorgeous HB9. And suddenly it all started clicking. Sank back into my posture. Eased back. Relaxed. Started chatting. Started vibing. Made myself desireless. My god… I was enjoying myself! Asked for a number and she told me she was married….. “sort of”. Ha!

And that was that. Boom. I crossed some kind of internal bridge and was just in a new kind of zone. I repeated this over and over and got blown out a few time and had just the most wonderful fun. Walking round in the glorious sun, going up and talking to beautiful women. Revelling in being more relaxed than I’ve ever been when approaching women before, night-game included.

A pretty Venezuelan girl was on her lunchbreak. I sat down beside her and got chatting… facebook and email.

A half Japanese/ half Chinese girl was slinking along. I opened, calmed her down… whipped out the Mandarin Chinese.. vibed and got a number close and plenty of smiles from a face that was initially surly.

A very sexy western half Thai half Chinese girl, with a great rack was sitting on the base of a pillar resting. The guys pointed her out and I let out a low moan. Previously her fitness would have made my AA worse.. on that day it just made me want to approach her more! Ten minutes later I had her Facebook.

The highlight of the day was when I opened a petite, gorgeous Indian girl. This was special. This was my first daygame set where I actually felt something.. ‘click’. We vibed.. I was getting IOIs like crazy. We had a great laugh. She mentioned she was doing Salsa on Wednesday and I asked if she’d take me and she agreed. Unfortunately she then realised the class was intermediate and I hadn’t done it before… argh! Got her number and we agreed to meet up the week after. I then made a kind of abortive attempt to bounce her to an instant date but she said she had to get going. Nevertheless it was my best set…. ever!

In hindsight I learned that I should always be going for the instant date if I get such a good vibe, and I should time it right. Not at the natural conclusion to the interaction but earlier, when the vibe is high. And don’t ask for a number before the bounce-attempt.

In a few months I’ll probably look back on some of these and realise I was getting more IOIs than I picked up on and could have bounced more of them and been more confident with it. Just take their arm and declare “let’s get a coffee”. Already I look back on the approaches I did on the Bootcamp with a sense of distant wonder. It seems so long ago and the person that did them seems so clueless compared to me now. I can’t believe how strong some of the IOIs were that I got and didn’t act on! Argh! The hot French HB9 in the nightclub…. Nooo!!!

A total of 11 approaches done and a result of 2 Facebooks and 2 phone numbers. I didn’t bother adding one (thai/chinese/jugs) onto Facebook as I didn’t feel that she was a good enough personality fit. Out of the remaining 3 none have flaked. Awesome.

As the day wore on Johnny and Suave said “there wasn’t much to say about my day game” as it all seemed to be pretty much there. This quite suprised me but after reflection I suddenly realise how much I’ve changed since this all started on March 5th. Eleven weeks and less than a hundred approaches and I feel like a new man. I’m not saying I’m there yet, or even half way there yet… but definitely the beginning has ended. Johnny said the change from the Bootcamp has been drastic.

At the end of the day me, Johnny, Suave and Krauser ended up chilling in the pub, plus a French PUA who had earlier twigged Krauser’s game and introduced himself. I don’t think I could have been comfortable sitting with the guys like that back in the early days. I’d have been all jittery and felt a kind of inadequate student to teacher thing.

I think what clicked is that I now fully accept it is possible. Rather than dealing with the “is it possible” question I finally fully accepted that it is and suddenly the question simply became one of logistics and hard work. This is a massive, important, psychological milestone to go through and I think one that all RAFCs who want to be PUAs need to go through. If you’re still doing approaches to ‘see if there’s anything in this’ then you aren’t there yet. However you will hopefully eventually click and realise it is possible.. it’s simply a question of time, effort and willpower. The challenge just becomes logistical and the outcome becomes inevitable. That’s what happened Sunday. Having made this leap I felt absolutely no incongruity sitting there shooting the sh1t and talking shop with the guys. They’re just the same as me but a bit further on than I am.

I chatted a couple of hours with Johnny about life, the universe and everything then headed back home, high as Towelie on computer duster. Arriving home I went into the kitchen and saw my smashed plate staring up at me. I’m not a superstitious person but it made me wonder. My symbol of former chodeliness and failure, smashed to smithereens. I looked up in the cupboard and saw my other good plate, an expensive one I bought in 1997 during one of the most unhappy times of my life. I thought for a second then tossed it on the floor as well. Boom!

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Guest post coda: SNL Freak Out

May 21, 2010 6 comments

Readers, a follow up to DrunkenBaker’s first guest post:


POST by DrunkenBaker

Well, it was inevitable really, and totally within the boundaries of what has been written about how Game works.

This woman was wild during the evening we spent together – practically forcing me to have have sex when I would have been content with just making out.  She sent me a few texts after our evening: did you get to work alright, I have a hangover… that kind of thing.  After I got home from work thought I’d give her a phonecall so that she didn’t think she had been used but she didn’t answer.

Fast forward to yesterday evening and I suddenly get a text out of the blue saying how “freaked out” she is because she normally doesn’t behave in the way she did, but is equally freaked out and “has a moral dilemma” about not replying to me because she doesn’t want to appear rude.  She then goes on to say how uncomfortable she feels with the whole situation that she has “brought upon herself” and doesn’t feel she can meet me again.

Post-match analysis: Her reaction shows that it was definitely game that got her into a SNL as it raised her emotion and allowed her to behave outside her self-imposed accepted norm.  However, this leads to freaking out as they become afraid of where their emotions lead them and they have to distance themselves so that it doesn’t happen again.  As Bhoddi said in his text to me: “They’re so pathetic they deserve to be gamed.”

Onto the next one then!


[Bhodisatta says..] Wow. I’ve reframed this into ‘god your game must have been tight’ to force a girl out of her norm like that. Mystery would probably say not enough Comfort was built to ensure post-sex continuation, and I think he’d probably be right. Women are strange creatures… you execute the incredibly, unbelievably difficult task of getting one to SNL and then what happens…. they haven’t felt enough comfort so they feel slutty and a loss of power so they respond by cutting it dead. She is cutting off her nose to spite her face. She can’t cope with what she did so how does she respond? Deep thought and analysis? Self acceptance? Deciding that the double-standard is bollocks and she is a modern, liberated woman and can do what she wants? Nope. Cut the guy dead. No guy: no problem. Pathetic. To me anyone that gets to 29 (the SNL’s age) and acts like this is pretty sad really, like a child. Grow the F up. They deserve to be gamed.

Any reader perspectives on the outcome would be appreciated as well.

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Turned on by a Zwinky.

I’ve just finished watching a South Park episode online. I notice a little advert for something called a ‘Zwinky’. Something like this (can’t find the original ad):

Although my ad had little click-boxes to let you change the upper clothes, lower clothes and accessories. At the start the Zwinky was in her underwear. I’ve seen these things for years and ignored them. Tonight I find myself quite into it, switching between the different tops, skirts and trousers to find the most alluring outfit for my Zwinky. I’m struck by what a nice bod my Zwinky has in her underwear. Good jugs. Tight waist. Bet she exercises and eats right. I like the long hippy-skirt with the white gypsy-top.. classy and alluring but it’s not showing her legs off much. Hang on. To my suprise I realise I’m actually getting quite turned on by this. I’m on day 4 of no wanking… my God it’s taking it’s toll. I’m turned on by a Zwinky!

And the worst thing is I know that as soon as this I have to stop immediately or it’ll be too late. I decide to head over to the quiet earth to read a post… oh no! Soft-por.n image. Immediately I close the site.

I literally feel a little nauseous from this unspent s8xual energy in my body. My body isn’t used to it. I’m having to try really hard now not to think of sex all the time. This is hard work. There’s cheap titillation everywhere. Think caveman. Think Alpha. This is definitely going to make me more Alpha. God people complain they dont have enough energy or libido…. it’s easy! Lay off the porn.

This is great. I feel like a sex machine. If Kylie turned up now I’m confident I could pound her for hours and hours and hours. I’m looking forward to going out this weekend to just flirt with some women and get close to them. Smell them.


p0r.n = unnatural

lust = natural

Stop anaesthatizing yourself.

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Guest post: Game Vindication!

May 19, 2010 4 comments

Hello readers, today we’re having something a little different. My good friend DrunkenBaker has just had a stunning first success with Game so I’ve invited him to write a post…..


POST by DrunkenBaker

Finally.  Just when I was getting committed to the idea that 2010 was going to be a dry year for me, I got some action when I was least looking for it.  I’ve been chasing tail through online dating and text messaging, but it was on a night when I took a random decision and was definitely not expecting anything to happen that I did my first SNL of the decade.

I broke up with my longterm girlfriend at the beginning of this year and haven’t had a proper sexual encounter with a woman since then (not that the relationship with the girlfriend was a sex-filled adventure – it was quite the opposite in fact).  Bhodisatta has introduced the world of PUA to me and encouraged me to read/watch The Game, The Mystery Method and The Blueprint as well as near daily contact where we have talked about our development.  Until now though I never took it all that seriously, even though Bhodisatta thinks I would be a natural.  I’ve pulled a few girls randomly and met and even kissed a few girls from online dating, but I’ve never successfully managed to sleep with them or even meet me for a second date.  My flake ratio is out of this world.

All that changed last night.  I was out with some work friends when I get a text from an old female university friend that her company was having a free bar tab at a bar in Clapham and that I should join.  It was pretty late when I got there and the bar tab was gone, but the place stayed open late and my friend introduced me to her mostly drunk work colleagues.  The majority were drunken wenches on the wrong side of thirty, but I felt an immediate acceptance as I was being introduced by one of the group as her old uni friend, so I had no problem with being cock-blocked out.  One girl was pretty cute and I started talking to her but without any intention whatsoever of trying to pull her.  She had a double barrel name and unsymettrical hair which I immediately started negging her about.  It was only when the majority of the girls left to go home that I started to show interest.  I was left outside with my friend and the uneven hair girl, while one other girl was having an intense discussion with a colleague who she was in love with but already married.  My friend left and by accident rather than design I was left alone with this girl who seemed quite happy to speak with me.  That’s when I started doing game.

We started discussing the girl who was declaring her love for her married colleague and I stated that women find this type of man attractive because they’re unobtainable and pre-accepted and women are attracted by a man who can make a certain decision in life.  She disagreed, so I challenged her completely and basically recited Game Theory that women don’t know what they want and are carried by their emotions.  I may have even used the term “Attraction is not a choice” from David DeAngelo!  This was followed by some heavy kino when I asked her to think back on people she had been attracted to in the past and how she felt – classic technique which I couldn’t believe was working right in front of my eyes.  She let slip how an old gypsy woman in her past had said she possessed “The Gift” which was an obvious DHV, so I followed through on a combination of comments about her energy and negs about her wonky hair.

As we were walking towards the night bus she casually asked if I would like to see her flat and I popped onto the bus with her all the way home with some mild hand holding and I talked about how I loved my nephew and nieces.  When we arrived at her place she gave me a drink and a tour of the house, and when we were in the garden I pushed her against the wall and went in for heavy kissing.  She responded beautifully and within minutes she had dragged me into her bedroom.  I had to be awake in a few hours and wanted to not escalate things so that I could keep her wanting, but she ripped off our clothes and practically forced me to have sex with her.  Even after sex and I was just lying there contemplating how to get to work as it was light already, she was humping my leg and just crazy for more.  The ending was beautiful: I said no to more sex and when I got to leave she begged me to take the day off work and spend the day in bed with her.  I casually put a namecard on her table and told her to give me a call.  Sure enough she’s been texting me today which is another first for me: a girl initiating text.

I was doubtful about a lot of the stuff I had read and learned, but I just wanted to share this story from a once Doubting Thomas and show others that there is method within this madness.  Good luck!

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Day Game Denial

May 18, 2010 1 comment
I was sitting outside today in the sun, seeing a few single girls here and there doing likewise and I caught myself thinking “I wish I could go up talk to them”. Then I thought…. Whoa! WTF? I’m supposed to be a wannabe PUA here. What am I doing? I mulled this over and realised that I’ve been in denial about day game. I did the approaches on the Bootcamp and then I did a few little bits here and there, then started to do Gallery-game but what I’ve essentially done is chickened out and bypassed the problem of being unable to cold-approach a girl on the street. I’ve weaseled out.
Thinking more about this skill I realise it’s as important, if not more important than bar-game. This is game I can practice anywhere, for free. For free! Just go out, walk around and talk to people. And this exercise will do me untold good. Reading secret_pua it’s easy to see how just being positive, adding value and talking to strangers can potentially be life-changing.
I realise I still have AA regarding day game. I also realise I am lacking technical chops: I honestly am uncertain how to get talking to people just out on their lunchbreak, sitting on the grass, etc, without making a fool of myself (I’ll have to see these people again and again afterwards). I want this skill so bad. I look around me and see women EVERYWHERE. I could be getting an extra 50 approaches a week in here! I have SO been in denial.
Time to change.
1) Use my last one-to-one with Johnny/Suave for day game training
2) Get a wing(s)
3) Set a timetable and goals. I am thinking on every free weekend do a good session on each day i.e. two day game per week PLUS…
4) Start talking to people on the street more, asking fake-directions, the time, etc
5) Move towards a lifestyle of constant interaction with joe-public
I feel sickened that this amazing tool has just been sitting there, I’ve been fastiduously reading Krauser’s blog yet been totally in denial. AGGGH!!
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P0.rn, whore.s and w@nking.

May 11, 2010 3 comments

P0.rn, Whores and Wanking

My mate G, the natural from up North suggested to me the other week that drastically decreasing the amount of times I choke the piglet may have a beneficial effect on my game. I’ve given this some thought and think there may be something in it.

The thing about wanking is that if you don’t get any real s8x it can turn into a way to nullify your s8xual desires. It’s an admission that you don’t have the capacity to attain a mate. Over the last few years I tended to be increasingly unable to cope with any s8xual desire: immediately wanking it away at the first signs of it appearing. It’s like an admission of failure and I think it has insiduous psychological ramifications. There you go… all your Alphaness, all your maleness… just washed away down the sink.

There’s even studies which suggest that doing it too much can actually lower your dopamine levels, and that often people wank just for the dopamine hit. This is pretty easy to admit to as I even went through a phase of not even being arsed enough to get a 100% erection before finishing. Wanking breeds s8xual laziness. How many people, when getting jiggy with their hands, actually realistically mimic the time duration and structure of a s8xual encounter? Not that many I reckon. Most guys just stick on some p0.rn and get busy.

Which leads me to p0.rn. I had a revelation the other day about p0.rn. I was a couple of days into my semi-abstinence program and I accidentally type “big t.its asian” into Google Images (looking for a representative image to describe the girl in my previous post). Instantly I have more titillation than my 14 year old self could have dreamed possible. I felt my resolve weakening. Then I thought, hang on, this is unnatural. It really is. Since when in the last few millienia of clothed human history have men been able to get such extreme titillation? Never. I’m now of the opinion that we’re not actually designed to be bombarded with such a torrent of flesh and filth as most of us with a private space and an internet connection are able to subject ourselves to.

The effect of this torrent of titillation is that men are getting more and more aroused and wanking more and more, whereas they should be saving it up, learning to deal with living with s8xual desire, then going out finding women to bone. It’s a kind of mass-tranquilization: give the men p0.rn, get them addicted to wanking to keep them from realising most of them don’t actually get any quality real punani.

Which leads me to whores. Living in China for the past few years I had access to a supply of cheap and enthusiastic whores, the likes of which would make the average man weep with jealous rage.I had my favourite brothel and it was 30 quid a pop for an hour with any of my favourite girls. And these were generally 20 to 26 year old girls, around 8/10 in the looks department and I preferred the ones with the F cup jugs. Of which there were plenty. Ontop of that there was a total attitude difference from the typical cynical lazy western whore who thinks she’s doing the customer a favour. The girls were lovely, kind and funny and so relieved to have a clean, considerate and, er, competent customer as opposed to the drunken, smelly, abusive customer who was her usual fare.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven and used to regularly cycle over to get whored-up. I went through phases of high usage, say 3 times per week, but eventually settled down to once every 2 weeks. It became reassuring, knowing that it was there, on tap, until 3am. However I gradually started to question the logic of even bothering to speak to “free” women anymore. After all, I reasoned, the odds of actually getting any are hundreds to one and even then you end up paying for it in one way or another. In the end I actually stopped bothering to speak to any women except friends.

A weird thing started to happen towards the end, though. I started to find that boning whores just didn’t hit the spot anymore. What would previously leave me feeling drained and spent and blissful for 5 days now just didn’t have the same effect. To my horror I came to the conclusion that only “free” s8x actually fully satisfies.

Coming back to the UK I dreaded to think of the awful whore situation. Sure enough, it is bad. It’s easy enough to find whores, just type ‘escort’ and your town into Google or go to http:// + adult + and use the search facility. The problem is the cost. To get anything decent you’re looking for well over a hundred quid an hour. More than a bleeding judge (although I guess they both f.uck people in one sense).I blame the welfare state myself. In China there is no welfare state so if a hard working man wants his dick sucked and a 20 year old girl doesn’t fancy waitressing 60 hours a week there is a productive and fair exchange of cash and value. However here I am paying thousands in tax each year and these lazy cows are lying round at home in their velour jump-suits watching ‘Trisha’. The state of prostitution in this country truly sickens me.

I toyed around with the idea for a while then realised really I should give it up. Every time I pay a woman to do something to me is going to detract from my game. It’s another psychological nail in my coffin. It’s sending an awful message to the subconscious: “you cannot get it for free”. Ack.

So.. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my whore journey, fcuking all of those gorgeous, squealing little s8x dolls, but it has to end. From now on I get s8x off women because they want it.

The wanking gets cut down to one day per week, twice on that day. I am going to let my natural s8x drive build up and I’m going to learn to live with it and do something about it. Hopefully my testosterone will rise, I’ll get more energy and get more of a masculine edge.

The p0.rn stops. No more is society going to tranquilize me into becoming a hand-operated des8xualized dopamine addict. My titillation is going to be of the natural form, namely looking at hot women in bars, clubs or on the street and going and talking to them, rather the unnatural form, such as looking at a Brazilian girl being rimmed by a midget while sucking off a pony, or a Japanese schoolgirl being wanked on by seventeen men at once, for example.

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Excellent blog

May 11, 2010 1 comment

Someone who left a comment on my site suggested this blog:

I’ve just read it from start to finish, every post. Some fascinating insights, and the guy has obviously undergone a spiritual change as part of his daygame journey.  It’s heartening to see a “PUA” with such a value-giving and profound attitude.

At first I wondered if it was real as his success sounded too good to be true and halfway through he took on clients. However he’s apparently stopped the blog and that doesn’t seem the move of someone looking to fake it.

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