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Struggling Writer’s Awesome Natural-Game

June 23, 2010 2 comments

There’s a wing I met with recently who’s worth a mention. When I first met this guy I thought he was a geek. He work geeky clothes, seemed quite nerdy and talked, talked, talked about game, life, the universe, everything, yet showed no willingness to do any approaches. I later found out that after I’d gone home he’d done one approach and K/N-closed a 19 year old blonde ballet student. I was devastated. I later found out he repeated this twice on further nights (not neccessarily with blonde 19 year old ballet students, that would be impressive!). The guy is an enigma. I bump into him one day near Trafalgar Square and go for a pint with him. He gives me the lowdown on his first close and I marvel at the genius of his game.

His image

I take a closer look. He’s not geeky.. he’s artfully dishevelled. Think Shoreditch. Grey casual blazer, tight white t-shirt, cool scuffed sneakers and a trendy fine scarf tucked around his collar. Book tucked under arm.

His patter

It all went down something like this:

-They are in some awful lame Leicester Square type club. Full of chavs. Hardly any women. His wing cunningly makes them stand near the door and they literaly grab two hotties as they come in. Struggling Writer gets talking to one:

-SW (Struggling Writer) + HB: exchange pleasantries, fluff for a minute

SW: you seem like a nice girl, classy, why would you be in this place? [I don’t normally come to dumps like this, I’m classy and am filtering here incase you are not classy as well]

HB: yeah yeah it’s someone’s birthday I had to come. I’m actually a ballet student..blah blah [qualifies to him]

HB: what’s with the book

SW: oh I like to read, I read it on the way here [strong reality, doesn’t try to make excuses]. Do you like to read? [already making her qualify to him]

HB: Oh yes, yes

SW: Really? What? [strong frame. is not trying to impress. skeptical that women are well-read enough for him]

HB: blah blah [desperately tries to qualify]

SW: Yes this is a book of interviews with writers, them talking about the craft of writing.  I travelled a year last year and read and wrote a lot. I’d like to be a writer. However it’s hard so in the real world I’ve found myself a job I love and write as a hobby. [Apocalypse DHV. Chick-crack to most artsy women]

HB: blah blah ballet, dancing, hard to succeed, etc [desperately tries to qualify even harder and strike a commonality]

SW: so many people are so superficial in London. I like the fact that superficial women filter me out because I have a book with me. All some people are concerned with are looks. [genius]

HB: blah blah [almost feints]

-Friend turns up says they need to go off wish someone happy birthday

-Wing tells SW they must split immediately and not follow [good]. They wander off looking for more girls to talk to and set up a jealousy plotline. 5 minutes later they accidentally run into the girls again.

-Wing starts to move on friend. SW tells HB it’s too noisy and they should talk and have a proper conversation. Bounces her to a seated area.

-SW starts to talk about family, the zoo, etc [building comfort] makes no overt kino move [super comfort]

SW: it’s still too noisy here, let’s move upstairs [second bounce!]

-they move upstairs. talk for a few minutes. kiss close.

SW: (pulls away) no! you’re too young for me. How old are you? [two steps forward, one step back]

HB: 19

SW: see, I told you. This is not going to work.[push/pull. reframes himself as the pursued. awesome!]

HB: I’m really mature!

SW: you’re probably not half as mature as you think you are [awesome neg]

-he takes her hand and tells her they should go back

-he’s already N-closed her and she rejoins her friends

-time passes, later on she proximities near him and he grabs her again and pushes her against the wall and k-closes her[alpha]

SW: (breaks it off again, pushes her away) Ugh! You’re too sweet. It sickens me. You’re too young. [more genius. Tyler-D style push/pull]

HB: [dying with lust] blah blah.

I have to admit I’m obsessed by StrugglingWriter’s game this night. It’s absolute genius at every step! Natural game. The great thing is he didn’t lie about any of this stuff and most of what he said were his natural reactions and real thoughts. As Agape said.. he’s just naturally attractive. Not in the way most guys are, but in his own special way. He just fits right into one of the stereotypes that women like. He displayed supreme non-neediness by pushing her away and telling her she was too young, whereas most guys (me included) would have been slavering over her like pigs. The appearance of a struggling writer, the frame of a ladykiller.

A week later I find out that for each of his three day 2’s, he turns up and is stood up. He’s a really nice bloke but I’m so jealous of his “3 Approaches – 3 Closes” fame that I struggle not to delight in the blow-outs.

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June 20, 2010 2 comments

I just made this up. It’s more relevant to guys over thirty.

First guy: “ I have a new girlfriend, she’s twenty-two, an astronaut..”

Second guy:“….. twenty-two”.

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11 reasons I want super-hot cuties in my life

June 17, 2010 1 comment

RSD’s Tim makes a great point on his “Flawless Natural” series. It’s about intent. How much intent do you really have? Is it enough. Do you REALLY want the woman? I think this question runs deep my friend and the answers are suprising. How many men, PUAs, whatever, when going up and opening a girl actually, really, honestly want to take that girl home with them and visualize this and expect it has a chance of happening? I’d wager not that many. “Get her to like me get a number and roll off” are probably the most likely mindsets.

Do I have enough intent? How much do I really, honestly want that girl? Has the concept just become an abstraction after so long single and so many PUA books read?

I need to face up to my desires and make my intent drive my actions. I’m not going up and opening a set with the intent of  “I hope I don’t get blown out or make a fool of myself and I hope I can get one of them to like me enough to get a number”. No. This is chode. The mindset must be “that girl is gorgeous. I want that girl. I want her to be mine”. Mix this intent with the right state (which they bizarrely call ‘woo’ on the course) and hey presto, you have the essence of the whole Flawless Natural method.

How much intent is enough intent? Calibration is hard if you’ve not done it before. How can you work it out? D’oh! Keep upping your intent and see what happens. I’ve opened plenty of sets now and in bargame generated precious little attraction. Keep doing the same thing and expect the same results. I need to start experimenting. Being more direct. Showing more intent. Emptying my head and vibing and having fun. Being in the moment more. Let’s mix things up a bit and keep trying different tactics.

The whole PUA mentality I see with a lot of wings is questionable. Do as many approaches as possible, get numbers, roll off. Where are the closes? Why are they not taking girls home? Because they don’t go in with that intent.

On the Flawless Natural course Tim recommends writing a list of 10 reasons you want super-hot hot cuties in your life. I struggled with this then thought of 11 so in no particular order, here we go:

  1. I can make a woman so happy it’s heretical that I’m sitting here, wasted.
  2. It’s the ultimate expression of myself as a man and a statement I feel ready to make.
  3. I want to experience dates, activities and adventures with a cutie as these shared experiences are awesome.
  4. When I have women in my life, life becomes ‘real’ and I experience all other parts of my life differently and for the better. I want to live in this state.
  5. I want sex. They want sex. We can have some great times together.
  6. I love female company. I want to spend a lot more time with women.
  7. I want to reach my full potential and this part of me has been woefully neglected.
  8. I am so awesome I deserve to be shared.
  9. To prove to myself I can do it.
  10. It’s the beginning of the road to finding a long term partner and having a family.
  11. Being in love is awesome. I want this again.
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The Date Frame

June 17, 2010 2 comments
Getting my head sorted for my day 2 tomorrow:
  1. She is not a prize for me to pursue and woo
  2. I don’t have to pay to enjoy her company.
  3. I am awesome. I have so much to offer.
  4. I am not outcome-dependent because I am a man with options. I don’t get too serious about any one date.
  5. I am not needy. I am a strong man with a strong inner core. I don’t need a surrogate mum or a new friend.
  6. I am comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need her approval.
  7. I want to have a fun time and do cool stuff.
  8. I want her to have a relaxed, fun time.
  9. Maybe she is not good enough for me.
  10. I have masculine intent. If the girl is cool and fun then I won’t be afraid to go for her, to take her and make her mine. I am not afraid to escalate.
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Gunwich: no, David D: yes, RSD: yes

June 15, 2010 1 comment

Gunwitch: Way of Gun

After hearing Wisdom and Krauser mention The Way of Gun audio course I duly obtained it and started on it. I have to say I was ultimately quite disappointed and it didn’t click with me. Maybe there is genius in the later discs but I could only muster the interest to get through the first two.

It’s five discs long and has been recorded without proper file information and at a ridiculously low sound level. The guy himself sounds like a cross between a redneck and the fun fat guy in the frat movies. The first disc was about inner game and I found it contained a few decent things but ultimately nothing revolutionary or life changing. The second disc was about ‘Availability’ and to be honest I thought it was crappy. Just very, very basic information about daygame, and with some dreadful advice on gaming. I mean stuff that I personally think is lame. He talks about how he has a ‘routine’ built about asking where the target is from, and how he can work out ways to jump onto this core, practiced routine. I thought this was beyond lame. I mean who needs an audio course to teach you how to ask boring ‘death’ questions? The rest of the disc was a slow, boring loss of interest and I couldn’t face the third disc.

David D: Cocky Comedy

This is a seminal product in the pickup community. I’ve had it a while but after a few chodes told me David D’s stuff was good and after seeing Ross Jeffries constantly ridicule ‘cocky comedy’ in his videos I never felt like watching it. I finally bunged it on the mp3 for my weekly commute. It’s about 6 hours long, a breeze after the Leviathan-like proportions of The Blueprint.

I liked this course a lot. I have to admit that some of this is the beautiful, deep, Alpha-like quality of David D’s voice. It’s just lovely. Gay-crush aside I’d say at first I was a little skeptical as the course starts slow and seems to be giving across a very basic point and labouring it: “don’t take it seriously and have fun with the girl”. Yet the thing is…

what a point to make!

It really helps when someone crystallizes something like that for you and this is such an important point, if not the most important one. This shit is supposed to be fun! And by having fun you get more success. While elaborating on this point the discs go through many varied examples and techniques of how to create cocky comedy. Some of the stuff is pretty basic but some of it is really quite good. For example he talks about character based comedy. I know what this is, but I never thought of “using it” (oh god) in a pickup scenario (oh god!). Listening to the material I realised just what fun character based comedy is, and I started to remember what fun I used to have when younger and just ‘messing round’ in social groups with no pickup intent. So, to reiterate, there are some great comedy tips in here.

The guest speakers are funny and interesting and special mention has to go to Sean Stephenson who has a massive guest slot (like Graham Norton). Seans speech is simply brilliant and makes the whole course worthwhile. I have to admit at one point it actually made me well up. “Pity is a drug” he explains. This was another “BluePrint moment” for me, when someone says something that just makes me stop and think “that just turned my world upside down”. Another one was when David D said that a lot of the questions the attendees were asking were “egocentric” and they were solely thinking of the interaction from their own perspective, not thinking ‘what is this like for her? how much fun is she having?’. Sounds simple doesn’t it once you hear it, but I have to confess I have been so wrapped up in this thing that I started to regard the interaction as something abstract and the girl as just a thing, not a person. Sad but true. Thanks David D for turning my world over in a sentence.

Well worth six hours of your time.

RSD: Flawless Natural

Krauser mentions this on a post of his about recommended reading material. I put this on after Gunwitch and straight away I was into it. I just love RSD products. The speakers are so good and they give out such a state-building energy and enthusiasm. Being an RSD product it’s pretty much inner-game based and at various points I was left thinking what clever little chaps those RSD folks are, packaging such deep philopsophy in such an accessible structure. I haven’t finished this yet so can’t give a full opinion but I’ve done 2 out of 6 discs and I have to say that I actually look forward to listening to this and regard it as a treat, not a chore. I actually think I’ve been having RSD withdrawal symptoms since I finished The Blueprint and Foundations. I think The Blueprint is calling me back…..

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Pimp my Bhodisatta Up

June 15, 2010 3 comments

Me and Suave found ourselves in a clothes shop a few weeks back and this really got me thinking about how crap my wardrobe is at the minute. Living abroad for years I didn’t have much chance to “shop” and used to just stock up on T-shirts at Gap on my trips back. Not good enough for the urban sophsticate I think.

Bored with game on Saturday I wander into Zara and start browsing. The guy on the changing room is camp and confident and I start ‘gaming’ him. Not really game but just being sociable, funny and connecting with people. A strange truth is dawning on me, that I am actually a very sociably competent person, except with females who are anywhere in my target range, whereupon I am nicely stilted.

Me: I don’t want to use this changing room

Gay: why?

Me: The lock’s broken. I’m frightened someone might peep

Gay: [squeals with laughter]

Me: Will you protect me?

Gay: [even more squeals]

At no point did he not realise I was straight, but I have had plenty of gay friends and I can vibe with them so easily, in a way that if I did this with women would result in major flange. Why can I not vibe like this with women? Maybe this is the secret. Pretend all attractive women are gay men?

End result of my vibing was that I was in Zara for two hours and this guy, the manager, essentially gave me a personal shopper session. I was sitting like a lord in the changing room and he was off rushing round the shop getting “ideas” for me to try on. It was great and I had such fun.

The end result felt incongruous, but this is good, because at every major fashion shift a person makes the new clothes intially feel very strange. It takes a few weeks before you realise their awesomness.

So, gentlemen, I present the pimping up of Bhodisatta.

Old Me

a northerner dressed for deepest winter

comfy. lovely and comfy.


Minimum level of smartness. Shoes pretty shabby. Jeans not very smart. No big effort made. Not terrible though.

New Me

Eat my gun, Mendoza.




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Social conditioning

June 12, 2010 7 comments

This movie poster has been staring me in the face for weeks on the underground:

unless you neg her hard

This is what it says:

  • A beautiful woman is the highest value of all things
  • Men are hopeless dweebs
  • Beautiful women are the prize and men must compete for them, and probably most men won’t have a chance

Another tiny spot of water in the tsunami of social conditioning which is giving young women the sad delusion that they are a prize and men must compete for them. The result of this? Grotesquely inflated sense of self worth and endless singleness resulting in eventual spinsterhood and cat ownership.

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Looking forward to my first AMOGing

June 12, 2010 1 comment

I just watched this clip:

Pretty good way to respond to an AMOG. But of course non of it was neccessary. Why did Ben Affleck’s character even give the AMOG status by acknowledging his question and responding to it?  Big mistake. I much prefer The Reardon and Krauser’s implementation of it.

With my sex drive the way it is at the minute I’ll probably have the balls for it (boom boom).

I feel almost peeved that I’ve haven’t been AMOGed yet. It’ll make a cool blog post when it happens. That’s a pretty good frame, actually.

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Mounting obsession

June 10, 2010 8 comments
I am becoming obsessed with game. I think about it all the time. I can’t concentrate at work. Work seems pointless, like some kind of sick puppet show. I sit in the afternoon and think “what am I doing here? I could be IN SET now and I’m wasting my life here“.
Game unleashes the primal urge: procreation. For most people the mating game is a mystery and causes them endless misery and confusion and they have few options. Game, however, gives you a framework for understanding it and a set of steps to follow to get success. As long as you’re not deformed and have OBSESSSIVE DRIVE then that’s it… it’s a done deal.. you can make it. You can fuck hot chicks. Lots of them. You can have options other men only dream of. You can eradicate all of your neuroses regarding women. Gone. Scrubbed clean.
Isn’t nearly everything else in life about this anyway? Isn’t the reason people do most of the shit they do to try and get successful in the mating game anway? All the gym-going, the self-betterment, the salsa classes, the new hobbies, the getting rich, the being succcessful… it’s all about pussy. Women are the ultimate prize. Everything is judged by success with women. You go off do all this other shit then when you get into game you realise that the answers are right here. Don’t study oceanography to get good at sailing. Study sailing.
Before game it’s all a mystery. Getting good with women is not something you think can ever be studied. It’s a knack. It’s magic. You have it or you don’t. Then you discover it can be learned. My god what a discovery that is.
Cue obsession. Major obsession. Why not? Is it not the most desirable skill to have?
Everything I read relates to game. I listen to audio courses on my way to work. I watch dvd courses at home. I go out sarging 4 times a week. I’ve cut down the wanking, started eating right, started going to the gym again. Never mind the time I spend writing this blog (which can really be classified as ‘ordering my own thoughts’).
The job just seems irrelevant now. My contract’s up in mid-August and if they don’t renew it I’ll not be that bothered and probably just launch myself into a three month full time game odyssey right here in London. Three months? Maybe six would be better… think how much could be acheived.
I have to get this DONE. I have to get this acheived and out of my system.
Yet I have to be careful. You are not your khakis, you are not your self-development. Game is a process to help you become the man you can be. It is not who you are. You are more than game. If all you become or all you are is someone good at game then you are not very much. Where is the depth? What else have you achieved? What are your passions. At the minute I struggle to keep hold of this truth but I know the importance of doing so. You are more than game. You are you, the other stuff. Game is there to make that person able to have the self confidence and options with women that you deserve.
I’m prepared to let myself become obsessed for a period because I know that obsession is a powerful tool. It is the ultimate tool on the road to mastery.
Ultimately, however, game is a phase.
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More Facebook. Prompts general rant.

June 10, 2010 1 comment

NB: More updates on my previous Facebooking but in the original post


Finally got a reply from a really hot Thai chick I N-closed a while back. Pretty terse and boring. A big IOD.

Bhodisatta June 2 at 7:49pm
hi FiDolla,
sorry so long to say ‘hi’ to you… i was back in X taking care of my dad.
so how r u? hope yr enjoying the few warm days (but of coure nothing like Thailand ;-( )
[notice my cunning DHV. asian chicks dig family values big time]
FiDolla June 10 at 2:08pm
Sorry for lately reply. Got loads of work to do-_-! Am still ok.
How are you? Hope you and your father are all right.


The hilarious thing is I noticed the same day she replies she changes her Facebook picture from a random one of her to this:


Which is a non-too subtle flag to the world saying “I have a boyfriend”.

Fair enough, like, but what sickens me is the picture. That, ladies and gentleman, is a Herb. A good looking Herb. A vain Herb. What does he think he’s on an album cover or something? And who looks the most dominant on this picture? Her! He’s fluttering round behind her like a Geisha girl. Ugh it makes me sick.

I used to be a Herb, though. I had my little Tiawanese girlfriend and used to fawn on her and do the baby-talk and even gradually started to imitate her mannerisms. Not any more.. game is changing me. I feel more… ‘solid’ now. The thought of kowtowing to a woman makes me ill. It aint gonna happen. I’ll be the oak and they can be the squirrel. They’ll fucking bounce offof me. I’ll be a kind of dominant, alpha sex-oak.

Then I get the fear. Maybe… maybe what’s happening is now that society society has given women “power” that women become the selectors.  “Females are always the selectors” various chumps bleat out. Not so, I rejoinder. Look back a thousand or so years. You think in villages, tribes, whatever, when men had ALL the money and power women were still deciding who and who they would not marry? Bollocks. Whichever man had the money and the power did that. Women couldn’t even own money unless it was through a man! Yet now society, or rather the machine has decided that women will be equal, and actually put in a place a big system which simply takes money and power off men and gives it to women, even though the men actually do most of the work. So now the women have this artificial power. What do they do? This is my fear… do they go for a dominant alpha male or do they go for a good looking, submissive male, just like men do with women? I really fear that this is exactly what they do. I’ve seen this over and over again with friends. Good looking Herb friends get dominant, HB8-9 girlfriends. They don’t want a man who dominates them. Well, they do but at a deep level which they deny, and instead just indulge themselves and go for a man they can get what they want from. It’s like letting dogs choose their masters. Madness. It’s like letting the chimps control the zookeepers! They can’t really help it. Don’t forget, most women don’t really even understand themselves. To them, everything they do is perfectly logical, even though to a man it’s plain fucking retarded. So, these poor creatures look inside their small brains and think ‘what will make me happy?’ and think ‘oh! being the boss, just like all the media in society conditions me to want’. Then they go do this and think they’re happy. Dogs are happier with a strict master, so are children, so are schoolchildren, so are women.

This scares me. Ultimately it means that in a couple of generations the ultra high value members of society, the brainiacs, engineers, etc will be weeded out of the gene pool by women with an artificially provided level of power in the mating game. Stupid, hot, men will be the new fashion accessory.


So, fellow PUAs, tell me that being Alpha and dominant is what women really want. I know that’s what all the literature says. Endless PUA courses say the same thing. Women are attracted to men with inner strength. They are attracted to Alphas. They are attracted to men with a strong and grounded reality. It goes on and on. But is it true? Is this not just what we’re sold in order to buy material, to buy these personal development courses?

And then you get women like my sister who, bless her, says she is actually sickened by how many women she sees with submissive men and thinks that they are “damning themselves to unhappiness”. God bless sis. My sister has not gone for a hot-Herb but has got herself a ‘real man’. But even then.. he doesn’t really dominate her. They are more ‘equals’. Apparently.

What calms me down a bit is seeing the various guys from RSG and the fact I know they are all pretty alpha and all pretty much fucking hot girls. A lot. Maybe it’s just a case of selecting the right kind of women. You get alpha, then the Herb-Hunter hotties don’t want you anymore but the other women, the ones with a strong feminine energy and a deeper sense of what they want and what they like, maybe they are the ones that you attract. I hope so.

Failing that there’s always Taiwan. Seriously. They have proper women there. And they FUCK LIKE STOATS.

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