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David Deida’s “Way of the Superior Man” reviewed

April 28, 2010 5 comments

fuck off Germaine

I’d like to write a very brief review of this book and its relevance to the budding PUA. I bought this book because Tyler mentions it in The Blueprint Decoded. Specifically the bit I remember him mentioning goes along the lines of “picking up women is not your raison d’etre. you should be a strong man with a clear purpose, who also picks up women”. I thought this said so much it piqued my interest and led to me buying the book.

The book is around 200 pages long and is a set of numbered points on a variety of topics. This is not in any way a pickup book. This book outlines some elements of Deida’s concept of male and female spirituality and behaviour.  If your are into inner game and exploring the dynamics of male to female sexuality or the nature of ‘Alphaness’ then this book has relevance to you. If you are ‘technologist’ and are looking for ‘game stuff’ then don’t bother.

Personally I found it a very worthwhile investment and some points he made really hit home with me. I really feel that my understanding of the male/female dynamic has increased a percent or so after reading this. It is is no way politically correct and would be construed by feminists as being grossly, horribly sexist e.g.

  • Don’t expect your women to make decisions
  • Men’s purpose is their mission. Women’s purpose is the fullest expression of love in their lives.

Which I would both agree with, although given the f*cked up state of Anglo society I’d have to replace “is” with “should be” in the above sentence. Deida really believes in masculinity and although I’ve no doubt he’s probably into some seriously tree-hugging crap but he still comes out with priceless stuff like:

“It is time to evolve beyond the macho jerk ideal, all spine and no heart. It is also time to evolve beyond the sensitive and caring wimp ideal, all heart and no spine”

In broad terms I’d say if you read this you will find a lot of value in some of it and disagree with plenty of it as well. Also the language he uses is pretty hardcore spiritual gobbledigook and at places and he degenerates into barely understandable descriptions of “loving through your woman into the world and dissolving into being” and the tree-huggingness does get a bit nauseating at times.  However, taking this new-age speak with a pinch of salt and plowing through the thing I think is well worth the effort. Oh, and don’t read it if you’re not very bright and have a narrow mind, you won’t understand or like it.

The bit that really hit home to me is the importance of a ‘mission’ to a man. Me and my good friend T had long talked of this, and both have long said that there has to be more out there than the daily grind. T has even now given up working on a set of secret projects. I took last year off work to try and ‘do stuff’ (and fu-c.ked it up, but that’s another story). Deida continues to say that a man’s woman will try and distract him from his mission (so true)  yet if the man succumbs to this he will be unhappy and his woman and family will suffer. He will feel unfulfilled because he is not working towards his higher goal and will not be able to love so freely and at some deep level his woman will resent his weakness. Unless of course his mission in life is to raise and protect a family, that is, but even then she’ll probably try to test him. The book is full of generalisms like this but for me a lot of them, like this one, really rang true and helped me crystallize theories I have long held.

Here are some key points he covers which I thought were pretty important:

  • A man’s goal is his mission. A woman’s goal is the fullest expression of love in her life
  • Stop seeking the destination. You’ll never be happy in that way. Seek happiness now.
  • Act now. Start now. Never put off. Work on your mission every day, even just a little.
  • Your goals can change. Sometimes they are like onions and when you reach one you realise it is merely a step on the way to another. (this whole blog pretty much shows this happening!)
  • If you dont work on your mission you’ll never be happy and you’ll never love your woman or family properly
  • Your woman will test you. She will never stop. she tests you because she loves you
  • Dont expect her to make decisions
  • Never just agree with her for the sake of it
  • Polarity is important. masculine and feminine energy are different. If you and your partner become more alike polarity dies. Your lover is not your friend.
  • Ravish your woman. Do not be afraid to love through her and into the world.

It’s only nine quid or something on Amazon. Well worth it.


Just found this. It’s a 6 minute audio-cast of Deida speaking on pickup. Deep. Very deep. Most PUA’s aint gonna like it. I think I agree with it.

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Chip, chip, chip.

April 27, 2010 3 comments

Reading this blog some of you might be wondering “when do we get to the bit with the f*cking in it?”. Fair point. “Probably in a good few months yet” would be the reply.

Tiny chisel, tiny hammer, chip, chip, chip… slowly, slowly taking shape. Another tiny chisel is being added because today I’ve decided to start doing lunchtime non-game confidence-building approaches. This means just walking up and saying non-gamey stuff to people, even for a single sentence:

  • Have you got the time?
  • Can you tell me where the DLR station is please?
  • Is there a bookshop round here?

Worthless coin for all you PUAs with more than a few months experience but for me it’s still worth collecting it and melting it down for scrap. The way I see it is that hestiation in doing the above comes from a similar place to AA. So if I feel ANY hesitation doing the above then if I do it and remove that hesitation then that is another tiny, tiny, tiny piece of my AA gone. Once that provides no challenge anymore then move up a level. Repeat.

I was outside this lunchtime, it was sunny and there were people everywhere. I spotted a cute Indian girl sitting alone. I went up and asked some crappy question about where the DLR was. Fine. No hook. Didn’t need one. Walked around a bit. Asked someone else the same thing. Asked someone else the time. Then I find my state rising. I’m starting to think “mmmm I need a proper set here”. Interesting. Pretty much going back to my Impromptu Daygame post in that approaching anyone builds state, and that even deliberately non-hooking, boring, openers build state. So maybe this is the way it will go: five warm up sets and one real one?

The result of this is I’ve decided to start doing five or so approaches a day at lunchtimes, but just boring non-gamey ones. I’m sure it will have a benefit. If I get in state I might even do a real one.

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Analogue and digital

April 27, 2010 1 comment

I was thinking today about the difference between a conversation which builds attraction and one which does not. Being an RAFC this concept has until recently been pretty hard for me to grasp. I just thought that people talked, as per normal, and sometimes they ended up attracted to each other. If pressed I would have said that they found what each other had to say interesting, found some commonalities and thus ended up attracted. I think a lot of manginas think like this. Endless years of social conditioning has killed any concept of masculine to feminine polarity and they end up with a sexless, sterile conversational technique. I remember in my AFC days actually being digusted at seeing men kino women. ‘Sexists!’ I thought (although I’m sure I secretely seethed with jealousy).

Cue endless years of earnestly talking to women to try and attract them. Then ‘talking harder’, more earnestly, displaying more insight, more intelligence, more meaningful opinions. Same result: zilch. I’ve been into game a few months now and have learned a lifetime of information in that time and am now starting to become very aware that there are different types of conversation. Looking back over my last two one-to-one sessions it only took till session two that I started to realise my conversation was a little ‘sterile’. It was hard for me to even articulate it as this awareness was  a new thing to me. I felt my conversation had to be more ‘fun’. During session two I actually managed to have a little fun during conversation. This, I realise, is called ‘vibing’ in the community. It’s banter. It is having fun in a conversation where the purpose of the conversation is not the exchange of information, it is the subtext, the subcommunication.

Reading a little more since session two I come up with an analogy which I think is pretty neat.

Logical conversations are digital. Vibing is analogue.

In a ‘normal’ logical conversation it is (quoting from The Blueprint) a linear exchange of information. An attraction building conversation, which is what ‘vibing’ is, is not concerned with the linear exchange of logical information. It is about creating a conversational dynamic. Tyler describes it as ‘floating’, where you drift, not particularly concerned with any topic, you don’t chase thoughts but you let associations and ideas arise. You exchange them with your partner and the dynamic builds.

It reminds me of conversation with my gay friend T. Conversation with him is difficult as he is incapable of sticking to any one theme for longer than it creates amusement. You say something, he picks it apart, makes a joke, nudge, wink, then makes a connection, often obtuse, and moves to the next topic. Rapid fire, blam, blam, blam. And then you get sucked into the energy and find yourself having a fun, but totally disconnected conversation which in informational terms is utterly worthless. So what T is doing is vibing and building state. Incessantly.

Ok so how do I vibe? Ha! Easier said than done. Ask me in a year. In the meantime if you are an AFC then here are a few tricks which might work:

  • Make a rule to never, ever, ask the standard interview questions: ‘where do you live?’, ‘what do you do?’. I mean a real rule. As in you would rather just stand in silence than resort to it. On my one-to-one #1 I asked a pair of girls this and it was like seeing their souls die in their eyes. I mean at the comfort stage it’s probably ok but at the attraction stage I actually think you’d probably create a better vibe by saying “you look like a prostitute”.
  • (courtesy of Wisdom) Change questions to statements: thus ‘are you Polish’ becomes ‘you look Polish’ which immediately creates a spark.
  • Smile. Seriously. People smile back and it gets more floaty.
  • Say funny things. Deliberately misinterpret something they say. Act mock-offended. Whatever. I am generally not relaxed enough yet to be witty but saying something silly is probably better than saying “what do you think of Cameron’s chances?”.
  • Tease. “Do you buy your knickers on prescription?” probably being a bit too far.
  • Cross the fourth wall. I made this one up so it’s probably shit and it’s certainly a bit risky as it ‘shatters the illusion’ but sometimes if you’re in social situation X then if you make a comment to your target about social situation X then it kind of has the effect of lifting you both up out of it, making you feel special together and creates a little bit of instant rapport. An examples could be “it’s really packed in here, and it seems really superficial as well, I generally don’t like places like this” which has a big hook in it because if she feels the same then it’s worked and you’ve created shared uniqueness, but otherwise makes you look like a dick.
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The Blueprint: Finished

April 25, 2010 2 comments


Finito. Done. JIE SU LE! Ended. Over.

I feel like I’ve given birth. EIGHTEEN hours of watching and listening to Owen Cook talk in a seminar room at LAX. Over. I finally finished it tonight.

It’s taken me seven weeks to watch it. SEVEN WEEKS! All you students could probably rip through it in a few days but us working men have to steal the odd half hour here and there when we can. Seven weeks of my life trying to get through this beast. Sheesh. This post isn’t really about anything more than me being happy that I’ve finally finished.. I just had to do something to celebrate!

In hindsight I’d recommend NOT spending seven weeks watching it. I’d allocate a single week to it, clear the decks, get all personal life-admin done, stock up the larder with canned food, the fridge with refreshments, suspend all appointments, get all your laundry done… then go for it. Just get it done in a week, whatever it takes. Three hours per day Monday through Saturday and you’re done. 7 till 10pm every night. It hurts.. it requires dedication.. but just burn through it.

I intend to watch more seminars over the next few months and will use this technique rather than letting them drag on.

I’m going to write a review of The Blueprint and post it online soon.

In the meantime if anyone knows where I can buy a copy of the book please let me know.

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My rancid Beta-ness

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I went to the first session of my acting class on Wednesday. It was good fun, like being back at school and getting a free reign to play games. I think the average London-Drone could do with some of this, it would help try and train their zombiefied minds how to re-integrate with other people. You could almost literally see the London-ness lifting off people as they went through the exercises.

There were three girls there and all moderately attractive in different ways: one was chubby but with big jugs and good skin, the other was clever, good arse and a lovely smile. The last was petite, skinny, good t!ts, blonde and with the psycho look of an unbalanced s8x fiend in her eye.

I am not here to meet women” I told myself. “I am here because I want to do this for fun, plus it may help build some skills I can use meet women.. and at the very least it is a conversation point which makes me sound more artsy and cool“. I started well, striding over and saying “Hi guys” to the others, who were sitting in total silence, London-style, not even speaking to each other. However this initial Alphaness started to fade and after a while my big Beta elephant started to plague me with sad, pathetic Beta thoughts. I don’t think anyone there realised that while acting out my freeze-frame diorama I was actually in mental torment.

Stop it! You sad b@stard” my rider was screaming at my elephant. But it was so hard. The fantasies started… how I could get to know Nice-Smile, we’d maybe meet before class for a coffee, get to know each other a bit, do it again, walk back from the class together, meet up at the weekend to go to Camden market, laugh over noodles afterwards, go to the theatre the next week, a kiss afterwards, and on and on and on.

I really am sickened with myself. But I could not stop these thoughts occuring. Things got even sadder, truly to a spectacularly twisted level of patheticness when I actually started fantasising that I was dating Nice-Smile then had an affair with Psycho-Eyes because our attraction was just too strong to deny. Tragic. Just unbelievably tragic.

So this is all pretty endemic of my Beta-ness. How can I change this? Well not so easy is it. First off I am just going to make a big effort to try and not to think these thoughts. Genius. Just try really hard. Nothing magical. Just really, really focus. I also plan to start meditation exercises which I am hoping will help with my self control.

Beyond this how can I retrain myself to just BE less-Beta? This lies with experience. I’m sure if I WAS Mr S8xworthy, who was regularly going out and pulling babes, who had regular, vigorous girlfriends, who regularly closed and dated, then I really would not give a second thought to “meeting someone at my class”.

Unfortunately as a logical human being I base beliefs off experience. To fully believe I am Alpha (or at least not quite so Beta-ery) I need to gain “reference experiences” to support this. Congratulations, welcome to Bootstrap territory. “Bootstrap?”. Well if you’re an IT guy you’ll know what I mean. You know when you install an Operating System on your PC it contains a “Bootstrapper”? This is the tiny little program which installs the OS.  It’s called that because it “pulls itself up by its own bootstraps”. This is what RAFCs in my position need to do. If you are at point A (for Alpha) then you will naturally be having reference experiences to support this. You will be in a positive feedback cycle. The best place of all to be. Odds on if you’re an RAFC then most of your previous experiences have been negative feedback cycles. How can you flip the wheel?

Fake it to make it.

Act like you are where you want to get to. Try and get one success. Then try and get another. Then slowly bit by bit claw your way towards your goal. When you get there it will all be a lot easier.

So I am not expecting my Beta-ness to end just because I am watching the Blueprint and want it to. I need to focus and I need to think right and I need to change it through hard-won reference experiences. I sincerely hope that when I get there the sad fantasies which actually even embarrass myself will end.

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Online dating?

April 20, 2010 4 comments

My friend BG has gotten into online dating recently and signed up for and Match Affinity. I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons of having a go as well. On the plus side the women are all pre-invested in the idea of meeting someone. They are not out in bars giggling and capturing IOIs or like a lot of girls just not really sure what they want. They want a fella and that’s why they signed up.  On the down side generally the hotness level is not particularly high. A lot of these girls are off the boil: over 30 with that awful plumpness that British women do so well. BG was showing me some of the ‘selection’ available and I was seeing a lot of very average girls. They all seemed to have made a real effort with their pictures and worked on their profiles, which is great, but just a few little hints on the photos betrayed their approaching corpulence.
“Mmm, photo 3, look at the left arm, that’s not the arm of a thin woman”

“Nice photo but it’s that good a photo for the reason, she’s paid for a professional photographer”

“Check photo 2, look at the left of the jaw, you can see a fair double chin hiding there”

It’s amazing how many women had five photos up and looked hot on two, average on two, and ugly on one.

The other thing I’d be asking is why are they using online dating. Slim, attractive, 27 year old women with hobbies, interests and an active social life really shouldn’t be struggling to have a range of men to pick from. The counter argument is that London is a very lonely city and a lot of people dont have a good social life or know a lot of people outside of work.

BG was asking me if I’d sign up too and he suggested that even “having a few second-raters on the go” would be good practice and good for my self esteem. Maybe me doing this would be better for his self esteem than mine? Not sure. In the past I have on occasion, due to alcohol or not thinking I can get better, actually hooked up with girls I do not fully find attractive. I’ve always found it very bad for my self esteem. In fact the negative repercussions lasted for years. At certain points of my life it got even worse and I’d fail to pull women I didn’t actually find attractive.

On the fatness issue it could be suggested that I am a hypocrite, given my 20 lb post-Asia weight gain. My response to this is that since when is everything equal? So men only hook up with women who are exactly as attractive as they are? So the women earn as much money, have as good a job, are as intelligent and humorous as those guys, right? So the women actually chat up the men as much as the other way round right? Poppycock! Let me make something very clear. Women are not as intelligent as men. The women you end up with will almost certainly not have as good a job as you. She won’t be as funny or interesting as you and she certainly wont have made an effort to chat you up. She makes up for this by being ‘feminine’: gentle, submissive, sweet and ATTRACTIVE.

My other counter argument is one of evolution versus social conditioning. As I explained to BG my theory is that for 5 million years if a male was big then adding some fat just meant that apart from the obvious famine-survivability he was more capable of smashing other cavemen’s heads in as physical weight affects combat ability, so this was a positive thing. For a cavewoman being fat served no purpose apart from surviving famine.

We then got onto the bodies vs. face argument. For me body is very important. I’ve had a couple of beautiful girlfriends in the past (HB 9-10’s) and I’ve had cute/sweet looking ones with incredible magazine-level bodies.  My main past LTR was  a Taiwanese girl who most of my friends viewed as “small and cute but not hot”. Fools. They never saw her without her clothes on. Watch that Agent Provacateur advert with Kylie in it. Her body was like that. But yellower. And with bigger tits.

My conclusions? Face is for ‘face’. It’s nice to have them on your arm and show them off. But for serious bedroom work it’s the body you f*ck not the face (well you know what I mean). This has a big impact on online dating because if you’re body-driven, as I am, then it’s almost impossible to suss out beforehand the quality of the goods.

Another negative for online dating which is specific to me is that it is bypassing a skill I wish to achieve competence in. I want to be able to cold approach as this has always been a pathological fear for me. If I do online dating then it will not help me with this. Say if I got lucky then yeah, I would be hooked up with a ho but that core skill would still not have been developed. I’d be in the same situation as a lot of guys with girlfriends. They are not actually ‘good with women’. Yeah, they have one, but that was luck through work or their social contacts. If that finished they would be back on the market with no chops. I want to have those skills and I want to have those options.

A final positive on behalf of online dating. This is that it also makes it easier to help find someone with a similar physical location, attitude to career and educational background than yourself. Fair enough, but a cold approach and 30 seconds of questions in a bar can get you that too.

In conclusion I am as yet undecided. The temptation to have real world ready made day-2’s available is strong. However if I do sign up and start fishing I’ll still certainly continue with my game training as well.

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Future plans..

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m getting obsessed with this life-change experiment. I’m obessed with the dynamics of male-female interaction. I heard Tyler on The Blueprint say “I went out a thousand nights straight” and I thought “oh that sounds like a great plan”. Now I can’t get the idea out of my head. I’m thinking that when my lease is up on my apartment late this year I’ll move somewhere right next to a bar area. Then maybe start going out every night for a few hours. Handy to have a place nearby to bring girls back to.. October is a long time away. Maybe I should move earlier..

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Impromptu Day Game

April 18, 2010 1 comment

I went to my Stand-Up Comedy class on Saturday afternoon. We did some fun games and one was a ‘status’ game of roleplaying an interaction and trying to maintain the highest status. Needless to say after doing all this recent self development I utterly demolished the competition with spectacular efficiency. When I left the class I moseyed on down to Trafalgar Square. It was sunny, my state was really high from the class and there was some sort of festival in motion.

Now at my one-to-one the night before Wisdom had given me a 10 day challenge. A very clever one indeed I think:

Wisdom’s Ten Day Challenge

Observe and count every single point in your daily life when you could have, assuming you were Ultimate-you, opened someone and talked to them. I also added another bit which was to make a note of a sample opener you could have used. (By the way these are not gamey openers but normal everyday lines like “where is the tube station?” or “have you got the time?”).

Anyway the genius lies behind the cunning elephant control. If your elephant knows it doesn’t have to approach and is not allowed to approach then it gets sulky and frustrated and starts to want to approach. Also, if you’re not nervous then of course you can think of openers to use.

So powerful was this reverse psychology that my elephant demanded that I do day game in Trafalgar Square. I felt weirdly compelled to do it. Before I knew what I was doing I was wandering among the festival crowd doing the easiest, virtually AA-free game ever. All of them basically: wander up to girls, say “what’s going on here?”. Easy! I did a quick 11 sets, got a few joke conversations going about the pole-vaulters (seriously). I felt great.

Then I noticed the National Gallery behind me. Mmmm. Wonder what that’s like. In I went. Wander round. Find a set looking at a picture. Stand behind them for a minute then say “do you like it?”. EASY. It was so much fun.

Then I stumble onto a solid-gold discovery. I see a few fit girls with their mediterranean boyfriends so I open up a couple-set. I game the guy a bit then talk to both of them and act like Mr Naturally Social. Suddenly I realise this:

Opening a mixed set produces almost zero AA yet builds my state MORE than a women-set.

FECK ME. This is it! How awesome is this. Next time I want to go out I just game shit loads of mixed sets to get my state really high then I move onto the women.

On the way out I spotted a pretty Chinese girl with an incredibly chubby face taking close-up pictures of cakes in the coffee-shop with an SLR camera. Seriously. I manage to open without saying something like “you obviously love cakes” and to my delight find she’s from Taiwan. She’s young, about 22 and student (obviously rich as fcuk). Within minutes I’M GAMING HER IN MANDARIN CHINESE. How awesome is that? I Facebook close her and leave 16 approaches the richer and a better man for them.

Sorry Wisdom I broke the challenge. Can I start again? I promise I won’t open anyone next week.

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One-to-one #2

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Last Friday saw me take my second one-to-one with Wisdom and Suave from RSG. I decided that building momentum was very important in my current phase so I negotiated a deal with the guys and have block booked four sessions, Friday being the first.

My goals for the evening were to work on my AA further and do ten approaches within the 3 hour session. As a secondary goal I also wanted to work a little, if possible, on building the post-approach interaction.

I have started to think in more depth now about building the interaction and I actually prepared a little structured routine for use. I’d recommend any newbie do the same. Don’t make it too complex but just something simple like:

Approach: have 2 approaches you’re comfortable with (e.g. Hi! I’m dan)

Hook: 1-2 things to say to qualify you being there or spike their interest (e.g. : you look like good friends. so who’s the shy one?)

Conversation: Yes, yes it should ultimately be ‘build attraction’ or ‘vibe’ but as a newbie I think ‘conversation’ is a better goal. I have just prepared 4 conversation set-pieces which I can keep and pull out as required. These are not literally lists of topic ideas but more rounded conversation set pieces designed to be interactive and build a conversational dynamic. (e.g. a Values Elicitation discussion or a threaded opinion story).

I’d also prepare a little list of techniques to kind of work on at the same time if you are able:

Eye contact

Big smile

Loud voice

Body language




So, we went to the first bar. Same place as last time but I’m familiar with it. There were plenty of sets but I immediately broke my 3 second rule and pontificated quite a long time before doing the first. In actual fact Wisdom just got me to ask a mixed set who the current song was by. That kind of loosened me up a bit so with some further steeling up I did my first set. Went pretty well. A fat, pretty American girl and her plain British friend. They were keen to talk and very friendly. I was in set about 15 minutes and left of my own accord. The guys said that the cute one was giving me a few subtle IOIs which is great from a first set. They also praised me and said to stay in set so long for a first set is a good acheivement. I think if the atmosphere is low energy and the girls are fairly receptive that is one of my strong points, that I can stay in set a long time. Building attraction is another thing, though.

We’d already noticed a two set at a table who’d been drinking cocktails. One left to go to the loo so after some encouragement I went and opened the other with ‘thought I’d keep you company while you’re waiting for your friend’, then made a joke about her eating all the tortillas before her friend got back. Was fairly well received and I sat myself down. Friend came back and she was a mid-30’s, slightly weathered, scrawny, frizzy haired Antipodean. Uh-oh. Gave me a kind of suspicious look but I managed to draw her in and get a few smiles and laughs.

Off to the next bar. This was much higher enery and really packed. My state wasn’t really that high but I felt a bit more ‘flowing’ than earlier or even than the previous week. Suave spotted a 3 set in the corner who were being kind of fenced in by chodes doing their “let’s dance next to girls to make them like us” stuff. I squeezed past them and introduced myself. By now I was back on my favourite opener:

“Hi, I noticed you guys and thought you looked quite cool so I thought I’d come talk to you”.

Pretty straightforward isn’t it! I really think “openers” are the least important yet most over-discussed part of game.

This set went OK but I was peeved to notice two girls immediately turn away from me to resume conversation leaving just one to talk to me. Suave said afterwards this was “self isolation” and that they had already assessed me, found me value enough to proceed and isolated themselves to give me a chance with their friend. Nice! I’ve seen this happene before and now it explains it. So the secret women mind-signals work both ways: they can cast you out in a fraction of a second or cockblock you, or alternatively if you are high value they can disappear to give you a chance at the prize. Interesting. Talked to this girl for a bit. She was British and white so I was less comfortable than normal due to my massive baggage in this area but I tried my best and it went fairly well. It ended on a “catch you later” which is a good sign.

The next set I opened was a challenge. A big group of about seven girls all drunk and having high-energy fun. It was tough but a good learning experience. I was teasing one of them and asking her to do some breakdance when their eyes lit up and they turned on me and demanded I do breakdancing. It was like human sacrifice. I made whiney excuses then did some silly robotics lame moves to try and placate them. MISTAKE. Not like they lynched me or anything but my value dropped and I definitely failed a shit-test. As Suave/Wisdom said the best move would have been to either not do it at all, or do it but in a facetious way which disprespects the demand. I finished up by fulfilling a challenge Wisdom had set me, namely to ask a girl if she’d played the game Mousetrap. I thought this was lame and would produce scorn but to my surprise it got a great reaction. Two girls started talking about the game and how infuriating it was. “Commonalities which appear to be unique” Wisdom called it. Everyone has played Mousetrap.

After this the guys wanted me to open a girl on her own but when I got close I saw the tattoos and weird skanky look and bottled it. Mistake. The whole idea is to open people you are not comfortable with. Idiot!

The next set was a 3 set and a few interesting things went down. Firstly when I opened the quite attractive older oz girl immediately said “we’ve all got boyfriends!” which surprised me. I acted all shocked and told them I was just Mr Social and not trying to chat anyone up. Kind of true really at present. Ok the two interesting things. First off when I opened the oz girl had no attraction for me. However her friend complained I shook her hand too hard.. this led to a discussion of my hands being small for my size.. thankfully no old-wives tales were brought up but the oz girl held up her hand to compare and we did the hand pressing thing. I looked her in the eyes and something, somewhere flickered for a second. I then asked her to play mercy and we started the old hand-squeeze game. She was really strong and we were laughing and shoving each other about. I then got her to pull a pose and felt her (incredibly toned) biceps. Suddenly from this minute of physical contact… BANG. I felt she was attracted to me. I could kind of feel it in the air. Very, very interesting. Just a few looks, a feeling. It was great. That few seconds was a revelation to me. I didn’t really follow up though, basically because I’m not yet sure how to play the set long term and maintain and guide attraction and state so I made my excuses and left, saying I would meet her later on.

The other interesting thing was that while this had been going on right next to us was a total stud guy. He was huge and very muscular and leaning in the most Alpha way possible against a pillar. He had a 3 set of plump little British girls competing for him! Brilliant. I bet he was the one that opened them as well, and managed to manoevre himself there. Anyway as he’s there with massive social proof the black girl in my set kind of freaks out and can’t stand it anymore and rushes over to the other set and starts AFOG’ing them and kinoing the Stud Guy. He’s a fu**king player! A great example to me of classic PUA tactics working in action.

My second last set was the worst. Late 30’s feck ugly British skank with her awful plump little mate. The skank actually stood back and gave me a look of total disdain when I opened. They humoured me for a minute then she said “look we’re actually having a really detailed conversation…”. I did my ‘no problem’ bit and left. Probably did it a bit too Beta-ery but will work on that next time.

The last set was the best. Two Italians and a Columbian girl seated. They seemed incredibly grateful to have a guy come talk to them. They were all good looking as well which made it weirder. They were charming, cute, warm and friendly. I gave a signal and got Wisdom and Suave onboard as the set was going really well. I didn’t pull any major game except teasing them a little bit and saying they looked like cartoon characters. At one point in the conversation my patter died so I lamely just simply said “I used to work in China”, the least subtle DHV ever but holey smoke it worked and they were straight in, fascinated, asking me questions. The fittest one was staring straight at me throughout the whole thing. Finished with a group Facebook close and left. Awesome.


  • My pre-prepared conversational structure was reasonably useful but quite often went out of the window. Still useful to have lists of pre-prepared pieces though.
  • I still have AA.
  • Game is SO women-dependant. Amazing how the vile skanks blew me out yet the gorgeous Colombo-Italians welcomed me.
  • I am becoming much more aware of ‘the matrix’. In the bar I could see social dynamics I previously couldn’t. I could see the Chode Crystal. I could see the AFCs staring at the sets. Big, massive, cool black dudes too scared to approach little girls. I could see high energy and low energy parts of the bar.
  • The instant attraction with the Oz girl was a new experience for me. Wow! I can’t remember doing that before. Holy sh!t this is like magic. It’s all there in the literature, the importance of kino and control and body language but until you experience it you just don’t get it. From now on I am going to be more aware of this and if I get the chance experiment more with kino and physical control, as I do believe now it plays a major part in instant s8xual chemistry.
  • My state was not as high as the previous session but my game was better. As the trainers put it I ‘vibed’ more. I was more relaxed and definitely my conversational skills are getting better with each session.
  • State and energy are fascinating. As Tyler says, if you see some girls at energy level X then unless you are offering a higher energy level you are unlikely to get success. I can now see how this is true.


  • I’m learning a LOT. I am changing from one session to the next.
  • The sessions are having effect. Even though I still have AA it is slightly diminishing. It is a few percent less than after the previous one-to-one, definitely. I also did not really have to do my visualization exercise to anywhere near as deep as the previous session. Maybe 25% as deep. I think I am getting tired of AA! My stand-up-comedy teacher actually said something similar. She said eventually you just get tired of the neves and don’t have the energy for it anymore (the nerves).
  • Warm up sets are good.
  • There are different types of game. There is low energy, conversational based and there is high-energy stuff. I am currently much more low-energy.
  • I am revising my goals which I only recently set. I am no longer going to push just for numbers of approaches. This is a nonsense. I am going to look at quality of interaction. If I get blowouts then fair enough get my 10 per session in, but one quality interaction with a N-close is worth ten blowouts. From now on the goals change.
  • Game is hard. I am only now starting to really internalize how hard game is. Harder than playing the piano. Harder than learning a language. This is going to take YEARS. I want more than ever to get to where I’m going. I am going to step up the training. I want to be building up and doing more and more. I need to be going out at least TWICE per week and doing game each night. Ontop of this I need to be getting in one daygame session a week in. As well as this I want to , over time, start to build in daily conversational skills and get to the stage where I am talking to dozens of people, of all shapes and sizes, as part of my daily commute and life..

Last conclusion is a biggie. Analyzing my sets from last night I realised that the most difficult ones were the British women. Given my mate has just had an awful experience with a foul time-wasting Mancunian girl it would be very easy for me at this point to start to let little traces of anglo-hate creep in. I MUST NOT forget, the point of this is to give western women a chance. I was talking about this today with someone and I put it this way:

Say 75% of UK women are horrible bitches. Say it’s true. Well if you let it ‘get to you’ then you will become filled with negative thoughts and it will prejudice your chance to get one of the good 25%.

This so true. I HAVE to disregard these premature conclusions. I must keep an open mind. No conclusions allowed until six months time otherwise my great experiment will not work!

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Harness your inner elephant

April 12, 2010 8 comments

As should be obvious from this blog, the pursuit of game has for me with astonishing rapidity become so much more. While talking to Wisdom the other day we discussed how some material is so potent that often you hear a single sentence and that single sentence just turns your world upside down.It’s as if you hear this one sentence and the veil is ripped back and so much becomes clear. I described it as ‘falling off the floor’.

One example was listening to Tyler describe EDM in the Foundations course. The Blueprint also contains many such instances. A few times I’ve had to literally stop the DVD in shock, and just sit quietly digesting something before continuing.

I had another “falling off the floor” moment at the weekend. I’m reading Jonathon Haidt’s “The Happiness Hypothesis”.

He describes how the human brain should not be likened to one single autonomous unit, but rather like an elephant with  a rider on the back. Have you ever wondered why even when you say “I should eat healthily and go to the gym” you do not? Consider it like this: the elephant is the automatic part of your brain, the creature of habit and instinct. It trundles on like a juggernaut. The rider is the intellectual, controlling part. When you ‘decide’ to make changes in your life quite often deciding alone is not enough to ensure success. Why? Because even though the rider is stamping his feet and pulling the reins the elephant trundles on. By the way I do like to regard the rider as a monkey wearing a little red fez and a red circus blazer with brass buttons on it.

A researcher did an experiment at a University. He put two cookies in a jar in front of children in a room. If they waited an indefinite amount of time they could have ten cookies when the researcher returned. If they couldn’t wait and they ate the cookies they could have them but they wouldn’t get any more. He observed that the children who succeeded in waiting were those who successfully distracted themselves (e.g. by deliberately looking elswhere or playing with toys) rather than those who sat and tried to use willpower alone.

Now think of that phrase: ‘distract yourself’. Sounds strange doesn’t it? How can you distract yourself, after all you are yourself? Wrong. Here’s the rub. Your mind is not a single autonomous unit. You are a big, trundling creature of habit with a tiny rider on the top. You will have the greater success at  your endeavors of change if you learn to subtly coax, distract and encourage yourself. I quote:

“An emotionally intelligent person has a skilled rider who knows how to distract and coax the elephant without having to engage in a direct contest of wills.”

It’s hard for the rider to control the elephant by will alone. He can do it for a short time but eventually tires and caves in, but the elephant keeps plodding along, effortlessly and endlessly. You must understand the power of stimulus control. You need to fill your environment with positive stimuli and remove temptations.

How does this apply to game? Well personally my elephant is scared of rejection and scared of approaching. What I need to do is retrain the elephant over the long term. Retraining your elephant is not easy. Your monkey rider needs to concentrate, exert maximum possible control, take the reins and force a change of behaviour. You do your approach. All is good. However please understand the elephant will then veer back to its previous, well trodden course. When retraining your inner-elephant you have to provide constant, repeated stimulus over a long period of time, remove negative stimuli and surround yourself with positive stimuli. So this would mean set yourself goals and a schedule and get numerous, frequent approaches in. Stop socializing or interacting with those who sap your energy and lower your self esteem and give yourself a good amount of positive stimuli, such as interacting with like-minded people and reading the right kind of books. Slowly your elephant will change course.

I will finish with a final example showing how this concept has helped me understand another aspect of my own behaviour. Given that alcohol is a disinhibitor then why does alcohol not reduce my AA and in fact seems to make it slightly harder to approach? Well for a lot of people their elephants are quite leary, attention seeking and love talking to women, but their riders are the controlling factor telling them it’s not acceptable. I believe alcohol supresses the rider, so if these people drink then they become more able to approach. However with myself I believe my elephant is the opposite and is instinctively very anxious about approaching but my rider, the thinking part realizes the long term benefits of doing so. I believe if I drink then my rider is supressed and it is harder for him to control the elephant and force it to go against its habits. I now perfectly understand why I can approach easier when sober.

I encourage you all to acknowledge your inner-elephants and take control of them!

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