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This blog has been dipped in carbonite.

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Howard Roark is dead. Long live Howard Roark.

October 6, 2011 6 comments

Steve Jobs died today. I am deeply saddened by this. To me Jobs was the modern-day incarnation of the Howard Roark archetype. Please read a little about him and the history of Apple and you will see a supremely talented, fearless man who had a deep personal vision and had no quarter for anything else. It was inspiring to see a company run mercilessly according to the vision of one genius, rather than a swarm of moochers passing second-hand ideas around (e.g. Microsoft). When you bought an Apple product you know that Jobs himself had had an intimate involvement with every aspect of it.

Now illness has struck Jobs down. Will his successor be another Howard Roark? Probably not. But there are more Howard Roarks out there. If you’re reading this Howard; you are right: stick to your guns.


Contrary to the belief of some fools Apple products are not themselves “Beta”, they just happen to be popular with Betas. The exception is iPads, which definitely are Beta.
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Best Game Movies

July 28, 2011 16 comments

On a lighter note..

I was reading Big-Toes blog and saw he was watching a Paul Newman movie. This got me thinking I should land-grab the topic of “Best Game Movies” and start a list.

If you’ve got suggestions, whack them in the comments and I’ll add them to my new exciting page devoted to this list.

I want movies with REAL men in them. Classic masculine figures from the golden age of cinema. Men that the vile filth in Hollywood dare not portray, or even conceive of anymore. Male figures of quiet strength, resiliance, honour, resourcefulness and kindness. Sheesh… can anyone remember what real men are like?

  • No bullies. No men concerned with how ‘hard’ they are (like 90% of men in the North East btw). Real men don’t wander round thinking about this all day, building shells of muscle and tattoos around themselves.
  • No one-dimensional men. Remember the old cowboy movies you used to watch on a Saturday afternoon at your nans? How there was always a few scenes where the hard-as-granite hero sat by the campfire telling a moving story. Real men are sensitive. Yet can still blow Lightning’s (his faithful horse raised from a foal) brains out with his Peacemaker lest the Commanche get him.
  • And we want Game. These men know how to deal with women. They’re not afraid of them. They’re intelligent. They’re smart. They know how to manipulate women.

I remember Roissy I think it was, had a clip of an old black and white movie on with a snapshot of game. It blew me away. The intensity of dialogue. The STRENGTH of the male character. It was like an aura projecting from him. I’ve never seen men like that in modern movies and it’s my loss.

I’ve been thinking for a while now on two conclusions:

a) old movies are loads better than modern ones

b) a steady diet of old game movies will provide nourishment and some kind of brain-programming stimulus for the Alpha within us.

Happy viewing.

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And so it begins…

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It begins.

So the clockwork is broken. The system is running backwards. The pigs are running the farm. Heart surgeons are watering weeds with orange juice. Women feed their babies till they die then push geese round in prams all day. The sky is now called the ground and vica versa. Nobody does any work yet Head Pig tells us all is well.

Ayn Rand described all of this decades ago in her omni-prescient masterpiece “Atlas Shrugged”. Let us ask “Who is feeling the pinch?”. Who is getting screwed? The answer is that our current system is more like an inverted pyramid; layer and layer of crawing, screaming, lying, cheating fools and jesters piled ontop of each other and right at the very bottom, the very bottom, is a small number of people pressed down in the filth carrying the whole lot on their backs.

The ordinary families who don’t have the time or money to raise their kids anymore. The mothers who can’t stay at home and raise their children anymore. The middle class families who can’t afford to have children anymore. And men. Lots and lots of white, middle class men who are the very backbone of a modern civilized society. They toil away with zero respect and the system takes the fruits of their labour from them.

At what point does it all start to go wrong?

Let’s take a look at Norway! The other day some guy capped 68 people in a joint bombing and shooting “outrage”. Why did he do this? Well I’ve downloaded his 1,500 page manifesto and look forward to reading it but I suspect his views are very similar to my own and a vast amount of the Manosphere.

He lives in a country in the advanced stages of socialism and feminism. Cultural Marxism has long ago eroded the ties that bind people together and rampant immigration is destroying ages-old cultures. Men, despite doing virtually all of the work which generates a civilized society are stripped of their pride and role by rampant feminism. The lazy liberal leftist press allows no discourse other than within the bounds they set. Opinions outside of this are shamed and disallowed. At some point he feels he has no other option to make his case heard than by violence.

On an individual level I feel horror at what Anders Behring Breivik did to all of those families by killing their children. On a collective level I see it as collateral damage. If a hundred thousand people worldwide read his manifesto and at least a few hundred see the truth and WAKE UP then this a step towards rescuing society and the deaths will be repaid tenfold. How many people have already died through the ages in Norway to make it what it is now? How many Norwegian females pass their reproductive peak childless, their never-conceived children murdered by feminist lies? The only good feminist-socialist is a dead one.

My prediction is that the UK is on an express train to hell. The increasing idiocy of the way our society is run is exponential as more ways to tamper with systems are put in place to try and correct faults caused by previous tamperings. As our ability to produce genuine wealth rapidly dries up the few wealth producers are bled harder and harder. A lot of them start to simply give up and withdraw their labour. A lot of them leave and emigrate. In further folly the government throws the doors wide open to allow free for all immigration, desperate to keep receiving tax revenue. Finally our level of wealth equalizes with the countries that immigrants come from, the difference being in those countries you are allowed to become rich. Immigrants return home. Britain suffers a quiet revolution.

Or something like that. I see this happening in front of my eyes but does it bother me? It used to. Now I just laugh. I think the British deserve it.  I have zero intention of blowing anyone up to “make a case”. No way siree. I intend to live a rich, fruitful, productive and enjoyable life. I’ll simply leave. However I’ll be sure to visit regularly in twenty years time to gloatingly observe the chaos that I predicted.

Or maybe it won’t happen. Maybe men will finally wake up before that point. What will be the signs of the sleeping dragon awakening? Look out in the papers for signs of “unusual” increases in violence towards women or immigrants. Increases in rapes. Increases in prosecutions for “causing racial hatred”. Men dropping out of the mating game and self-bonding with male only activities. Women finding doors slamming in their faces. Random white middle class loners snapping and committing atrocities. Respectable, middle class office workers snapping during lunch one day in spitting in the face of their female colleagues.

It’ll be sweet. Oh so sweet. Let me lick your tears.

The Value Gap

July 25, 2011 3 comments

I met a female Chinese student the other day for “language practice”. I do want to keep up my Mandarin but admittedly if the girl that turned up happened to be hot I would have nothing against attempting to bang her.

She wasn’t. They mainly aren’t: Asian students in the UK are generally geeky. But what was interesting to see the apocalyptic effect of a noticeable value gap. It was expected. It often happens in these situations.

Tall:                 +Value!

British:            +Value!

Clear English:            +Value!

Funny:                        +Value!

Bbetter looking than her:           +Value!

We talked and walked for twenty or so minutes. Everything she asked led to drive-by DHVs:

Do you work?

>I care for my sick dad but am starting an IT company with friends

How come you speak Chinese?

>My company sent me to China to work

Did you get the Metro here?

>No I drove


It’s grotesque. After half an hour this girl thinks I’m Godlike.

You are so…. So strong. You are… a “bi niu” … a super cool person… a leader person… everyone love you… You are so intelligent… your brain is so clever… your Chinese is like a native person…

And on and on with this sycophantic blather. I don’t see eye-spazzing, drooling sexual attraction like a Western girl would feel with so much value pumping in her veins. Young, inexperienced Chinese girls are resevoirs of untapped sexual fury but it’s all behind concrete and they don’t know what to do with it. She stared at me a lot, gabbled to talk over me and endlessly tried to qualify.

It was nice for a little while but as I ultimately am not turned on by the girl I found it all a bit pointless and uncomfortable. If I meet her again I’ll try and knock it on the head and get on with some grammar. The interesting thing is seeing the effect of value on a girl. It’s dramatic. I’m toying with a theory now that value is to women what looks are to men. It’s the first bridge. Looks aren’t everything with women but for a man with options the raw sexual attraction/quality of looks has to be there. Once it’s there it’s banked and the rest is down to personality. Is value the first bridge for women? Are they genetically programmed to hunt for the biggest value gap between themselves and a man possible?

Here’s another pop-sociology explanation for one of the many fucked up things going on in the modern dating (or lack of) game:

  • Women need a value gap.
  • Give women money and jobs and status (even artificially) and there’s no value gap between them and men.
  • Cue miserable, single women all chasing Alphas because Joe Bloggs doesn’t get them past Bridge #1 like their dad (the schoolteacher) did for their mum (the shop assistant).
  • You can’t change this because people’s behaviour is in their genes.
  • Until these women (and high value men) all die out of course!

I’ve been having a think why this little Chinese girl found me so high value and I now agree. I AM high value. If I list my acheivements and capabilities it’s awesome; I think I can do great things. It’s easy to forget this. I kind of think that society makes you forget this. I feel that we live in a society where people are constantly, subtly encouraged to view their own value as lower. I think the British are steeped in it. Part jealousy. Part socialism. Part humility. Part anti-male social engineering. There’s a constant pressure to feel like you are less, not more.

Recognizing this and fighting against it is one thing, actually getting the respect you deserve is another. Forget it. It ain’t gonna happen. It’s going to take me many, many blog posts over a long period of time to fully illustrate The Grand Design, the great Conspiracy of Doom in which we’re living, but for now I’ll just randomly blurt out sentences and be too lazy to join them up:

  • Tinker with systems and they go wrong. Loosen a spring here, tighten a spring there, and soon you have a piece of clockwork in an exponential downwards curve of things going wrong. Knock on effects you don’t even imagine start to happen. Software developers see this every day.
  • Things which you tinker with less work better. They are natural. They are fair. They self-regulate.
  • Self-regulate. That’s important.
  • Society. People. Men and women living together. Getting along.
  • Fiddle a little with gender politics. Pass some laws.
  • Fail to control that which must be controlled. (someone let the chimps out)
  • Things start to go wrong. Fiddle some more. More things go wrong.
  • Marketing. Advertising. Television. Shaping people’s thoughts and ideas.
  • Wind forward a few decades.

Ta da!

A system which is a mish mash of glue, string and chewing gum. A clockwork mechanism with extra cogs, flywheels, springs and levers welded onto it, spilling out from the inside. Parts of it broken. Parts moving too fast. The hands on the clockface spinning round faster than the eye can see.

Gender relations, economics, money and society are all broken. I think a lot more than economics can be explained by the study of economics.

Let’s go back to value. The value system is broken. Utterly broken. If you have value (by my standards) your chances of having the average woman perceive and appreciate this value as she would naturally (in a non-broken system) are very small indeed.

Your options?

  1. Become a nihilist Alpha (e.g. Roissy) and just fuck while Rome burns.
  2. Anestheize yourself with TV, food and work and reproduce with a bossy woman (i.e. Herb).
  3. Leave

There’s many places in the world which have had their dalliance with socialism long ago and are more patriarchal and free market.

They’re all in Asia. See you soon DrunkenBaker.

He’s back! And more fabulously good looking than ever!

July 9, 2011 12 comments

I posted a while back wondering what had happened to Assanova. His blog had disappeared. I thought Assanova was a good writer and liked to read his stuff, but it seemed with time he with increasing regularity would return to his favourite meme: that looks are all important in game and oh, if he hasn’t happened to mention it already he is lucky as he is SUPER SUPER good looking and that’s the reason he’s a success with women. In fact, most men should just focus all their energies on their looks and fashion and not their corny openers. And make sure they’re the most attractive guy in the bar. By magic.

Krauser wondered if perhaps he just simply got too good looking for the internet, and his blog kind of evaporated off the servers. Perhaps God took him to heaven to make him an angel?

Obviously not as he’s back! And this time with a special domain name for SUPER hot men:

Men who have been “made right”. In fact the byline tells us this is:

Game For Attractive Men

Fuck! I’d better not read it then. Will this not work for me? Exactly how attractive do I have to be to qualify?

I’m conflicted with Assanova. Sarcasm aside on one hand I do think he writes extremely well and has a lot of no-nonsense advice. His ebooks were good and I’d recommend them to anyone. He doesn’t sell them anymore though, which is a bit odd. Not the typical Game advice by any measure, just lots of sensible advice on topics most guys miss as they’re obsessing about routines and openers. A lot of it is ‘logistics’ and common sense. On the other hand Assanova seems to have lost the plot like a black-Zoolander and more and more just obsesses with his favourite message: game doesn’t work, looks matter most.

And here I think he is utterly wrong. Utterly. He’s maybe super, super good looking and had women chat him up and not had to work for it. Super-good looking guys don’t. And they think Game doesn’t work? This is utter, utter horse-shit of the highest level. He is absolutely and totally wrong here and I think his super-good looks have blinded him.

Let me clarify. Ugly spods with Game Workshop t-shirts on do not walk into bars and pull 9’s with the power of game. That’s what people think after reading “The Game” and it’s not realistic.

However Game can radically change how a man potrays himself to others. Game can give him a set of basic social skills so that he ceases to fall at the first hurdle like he’s been doing his whole life. Game can give him a community from which he can find a wingman and provide a framework for systematically approaching women. It provides an algorithm to solve the problem. I have seen guys on a bootcamp literally after a few hours of lectures and some one-to-one EXPONENTIALLY improve their chances with women. Before my own eyes I’ve seen the radical changes in how women perceive them. I’ve done it myself.

Behaviour is to women as looks is to men. Within reason. And with some exceptions.

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I love immigrants

July 3, 2011 5 comments

I was at Salsa on Friday and noticed an unusual increase in the number of attendees and the number of young, hot, fuckable women. One look around them told me they weren’t British:

  1. No awful clothes. Not much flesh on display.
  2. No pads of fat hanging down over the elbows from the triceps.
  3. No orange legs with those fuck-awful Roman legionnaire style sandals. No muffin tops.
  4. Not drunk.
  5. At something character building and social (Salsa) on a Friday  night rather than in bar whoring themselves for validation.
  6. Can smile, look you in the eye and hold a conversation.

One or two had dusky meditteranean men with them who had a distinct air of panic and jealous protectivity about them. Could their brains be doing a quick mental sum:

“I am in The Land of the Fat. My girlfriend is hot and thin…… Shit! She mine!”


I did some inquiring. It’s Summer School! Turns out the local universities have all started their “pre-sessional” English courses which last 3 months over the summer. Walking in town the next day I notice a drastic increase in the number of totty, even spotting some sweetly rapable Japanese girls carrying stacks of clothes taller than themselves in Primark.


Foreign totty has been imported! Hallelujah! Are we going to see “Daygame Newcastle”? Is it possible? I’m damn well going to try. And obviously 100% foreign. Young, fun, fit, friendly foreign girls… come over here to study the Engrish. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a rittle summer fling with a true English gentlemen? We can but try.

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I accidentally open set while not “doing game”

July 3, 2011 2 comments

I was in Newcastle shopping yesterday. The sun was shining. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while going up the elevator in Primark and I thought my tricep looked quite defined and my gynaecomastia was nice and rounded, almost masquerading as pec. I was in a good mood. I was ambling through the shop and while browsing the three pound T-shirts (thank goodness for poverty stricken Bangladeshi children) I saw/heard a girl blabbering on her mobile phone in what sounded to me as Russian.

Here’s where I slipped up. Instead of getting my game face on, psyching myself up and getting in state I simply asked her “Excuse me… (charming smile, she smiles back)… what language was that you were speaking?”. This has to be the worst daygame approach ever. For a start I wasn’t taking the thing seriously. I hadn’t wandered the street on my own for at least half an hour before, getting into that crucial mindset of making the activity a chore and one which my forebrain was going to brutally force my hindbrain into doing. I didn’t have a little Moleskine notebook with me to note down the time and details of the set. Hell…. I didn’t even have a PUA man-bag!

Her: No, no…. it’s Lithuanian
Me: Oh I’m so sorry…. I can’t tell the difference.
Her: No, no it’s ok.. my English… it’s not so good… either  [spot the instant qualification… mmm what could trigger such low value? answers below]

I chat to this girl for five minutes. Lazily. Leaning on the clothes rail. I feel entitled. Primark is my kingdom.

It’s only a good five minutes in that I finally realize… I’M IN SET!! THIS COUNTS AS DAYGAME!

By then of course it’s too late. No chance to run my Panda-Stack routine, or to slip some retrospective negs in (“I forgot to tell you… you look a bit shit…no… I mean your clothes look shit… no I mean weird. Hang on… weird but cool… That’s it, I remember, you’re clothes are cool but weird).

I’ve accidentally DHV’ed myself many times by now. It’s not hard. Turns out this poor girl has come from Lithuania in search of employment and lives in a small coastal town in the North East and works in a seafood factory. Sounds awful. She mentions that she wants to do this to earn a better future for her son.


At this point I scream and slam both feet down on the brake pedal. Not only have I realized I’m accidentally in set but with a single mother. The EASIEST, LEAST ENTITLED AND MOST MAN-HUNGRY of all women. All I need to do here to close this girl is literally do anything which gives her the crumb of esteem that I don’t think she’s desperate.

I frantically carry out an emergency Fuckability rating on this girl to see if she can at least get into the Sea-Cow/Mud-Turtle category. This could end my dry spell!

The sad truth dawns on me. This girl is not even hot enough for a pump and dump. I ask myself honestly and genuinely “would you rather fuck this girl or have a night in”. I don’t want to fuck her.

Curse my ridiculous standards. She wasn’t fat. She wasn’t… hideous… She just wasn’t…above a 6.5. Honestly… I’d just rather not. Unlike a lot of other men I just don’t seem to have the ability to fuck mud-turtles. I just DON”T WANT TO. I’ve thought a bit more about my standards and the gap between “too gross to fuck” and “would marry assuming personality is rocket-fuel” is incredible small. 0.5 points on the scale! Yes! 0.5 points. Let’s quickly go over the Jambone scale:

5: ugly. friends openly ask you “why?”
6: you’re quietly embarassed by her lack of looks. friends would never mention it but it would hang uncomfortably in the air.
7: acceptable. no shame. no pride. most men date and marry 7’s.
8: her beauty preceeds you. it’s mentionable in conversation e.g.  “have you seen Bhodi’s girlfriend? wow”.

I believe that I would rather fuck no-one than fuck anything beneath a 6.5. I just don’t think I’m capable. I’m not sure my hindbrain could even give me enough juice to get a proper boner. I’d marry a 7. So total gap equals 0.5 points. This seems odd.

I bid the girl farewell. Sorry I  mean “eject”. It’s only later when I accidentally slip out my game focus again that I realise she was actually quite nice, and I felt sorry for her with her shitty job and boring life, and I could have at least Facebooked her and been platonic friends and showed her and her son round Newcastle a bit one day (and if you really must see the gain in it then of course she may have hot friends).  I take a quick look to see if I can spot her but she’s gone.

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It’s ALL broken!

June 30, 2011 16 comments

I’d previously assumed that in other parts of society there were plenty of middle class people out their whose relationships with the opposite sex weren’t fucked up, they dated regularly, like the opposite gender and eventually found someone and settled into a happy long term relationship and marriage. I was randomly wandering through the kitchen the other day when it hit me; there aren’t. These people don’t exist in great numbers. It’s a myth.  Within a certain social grouping it’s all fucked. Apart from a few tiny exceptions it’s ALL broken. There aren’t offices full of men and women with happy dating lives. The system is totally broken. The idea that it must be working out there for other people is no more than that. Look at the evidence. Find me these dozens of 20 and 30 something men and women who have trouble free dating lives. You can’t. Find me hundreds of thousands of bitter, unhappy, single 30-somethings. Easy.

This may have been staringly obvious to some readers but I’d bet a fair few in the game thought the same as me. They thought it was them and men like them and they assumed for the majority of people it was all running normally. I’d like them to reassess that. Take a solid look round at all the 20/30 somethings that you know in both the big cities and the suburbs. Go through a mental list of your friends and see how many are happy, have satisfying dating lives or are in a relationship they’re delighted to be in. I think when you sit and think through it you’ll get a shock.

It’s all broken! It’s not just us. It’s almost everyone! This is the big secret right in front of our faces. For the middle class in the UK then for 90% of people the system is miserably broken and it’s little wonder that being middle class, professional and living in a big city in Britain is by and large an utterly miserable and unfulfilling experience.

So the entire social system behind male/female interactions is by and large broken. Huge tranches of the highest quality people in our society are growing old and infertile and dying out. This is a truth so huge and so obvious that very few seem to be able to see what’s right in front of their faces.

What’s gone wrong? I won’t drone at length about feminism but will come at it from a different angle. Think back to living in halls of residence at university. Equal numbers of males and females from a roughly heterogenous racial and social grouping living AND WORKING together in close proximity and socializing together. The result? Happiness. Large social circles. Huge networks of friends. Lots and lots of people hooking up and having fun. And almost no burning bitterness towards the opposite sex. Even failed Betas like myself had huge amounts of female friends who I respected and liked.

Let’s wind these groups of people ten years into the future. They’re not 20 and in their third year at Uni, they’re 31 and living in London. By now they probably have a whole strata of bitterness towards the opposite sex, blaming them for not living up to their expectations and this strata, ever deepening like a coastal shelf with time, further preventing their happiness.

Let me reiterate this. When at university males and females in general got along splendidly. The women didn’t resent men and vica versa. Let me quickly break down why the system is broken.

Social networks

People leave uni and move to new cities for work. They have little means or time to create a social network a fraction as good as the one they previously had. They have fewer friends, far less fun and about 3% of the time to do anything but work that they previously had.

Without a large social network people can’t get exposed to large amounts of new people and slowly get to know each other and work out who they like. The number of hookups plummets. Men go to bars to try and find women. Women go to bars to feel validated. They waste the precious years of their youth flaunting their value or sitting at home in their tiny, lonely apartments watching TV. It’s not a succession of unfulfilling relationships which makes people bitter… oh no.. here’s my core argument: it’s a lack of relationships at all which makes people bitter. People just aren’t having enough quality relationships. Men and women in the prime of their youth are spending large amounts of time single.

Spend lots of time single, add in a keen awarness of one’s ageing self, constant stress and fatigue from work, too much caffeine and alcohol and zero time for the self and you will crust up with misery like a never-cleaned toilet.

A solution

Yes us bloggers love to talk about feminism and social conditioning. It does have a lot to blame but I’d argue that if you put men and women in close proximity and have some commonality or a common task between them their natural, DNA-encoded joy of sharing each other’s company will come out and they will start to do what men and women have been doing since they popped into existence: getting along.

I’ve thought of a radical solution. Anyone with a spare billion or so could implement it.

Start with London.

  • Buy up a few tower blocks. Gut them and turn them into halls of residence. Corridors of small ensuite bedrooms with communal kitchens, TV-rooms, Gyms and games rooms. Think Pool, Salsa. Anything real and not digital.
  • Only singles can move in. And you can only stay there a year straight.
  • Brutally (and illegally) control access criteria.
  • 6 women to every 5 men.
  • Scatterings of super-hot non-British (Latin, Eastern European, Asian) immigrant women.
  • Homogenous groupings on social background and nationality.
  • You have to be single to get in.
  • Sophisticated smart-card system ensures that occupants HAVE to socialize a minimum amount and attend dance, acting or comedy classes. Dance is obligatory (more on this in a later post).
  • All male residents go on an induction course centred around learning about game and social conditioning.
  • All female residents go on an induction course centred around being taught they are not princesses. Like in a prison “scared straight” program single, infertile, high-achieving 40 year old women are brought in to meet the 20-something girls.
  • Everyone only works part-time. Impossible? Why? Simply throttle the welfare state down to that which can be supported by 10% tax, slash foreign-aid (except to like-minded countries like Japan) to zero and carry out a simple cost/benefit analysis by computer on every single immigrant who has entered the UK in the last 30 years. Well.. most would be gone as the welfare state goes but for the remainder if their wealth doesn’t pay for their health, their (non-working) family’s health and education and their illiterate grandparent’s (expensive) health and pension then… goodbye! The removal of millions of parasites crashes property values so the “real” cost of a room in such a location in London would probably be a couple of hundred quid a month. Tops. Now everyone is centrally based, so doesn’t commute, plus only works part time, people are not exhausted and stressed and have the time to spend time with each other.
  • Social activities are not enough. Shared tasks are required. The smartcard system is extended and people are required to engage in various mixed-gender character-building activities together over the course of months. Building tree-houses, learning Korean.. whatever.

The result? Mass dating and fucking and happiness on a scale never seen before.

Assuming the right-wing quasi-fascist benevolent dictatorship required for such changes never goes ahead then I say in all seriousness if all you do is set up halls of residences in the centre of cities for 20/30-something single professionals and carefully make sure there are 6 women to every 5 men then you would go a long way to stopping the frighteningly quick extinction of the British city-dwelling middle class. But that’s not what the Government wants is it?


I forgot to mention who the current system isn’t broken for.

  • Anyone not middle class.
  • Non-white communities.
  • Any woman above a 7 and under 35.
  • Players who work in bullshit industries (marketing, PR, fashion, etc) full of women.
  • Betas who are happy being Beta, work in a bullshit job (charity, politics, media, etc) and are happy with their dumpy, bossy girlfriend of 7 years.
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Funny videos

June 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Some random shit which amuses me:

First watch this:

WTF? “Chocolate Rain”? A black kid singing about “Chocolate Rain”? Just brilliant.

This version is better though…. fucking hysterical.

And this old chestnut just makes me happy every time I watch it.

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