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And so it begins…

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

It begins.

So the clockwork is broken. The system is running backwards. The pigs are running the farm. Heart surgeons are watering weeds with orange juice. Women feed their babies till they die then push geese round in prams all day. The sky is now called the ground and vica versa. Nobody does any work yet Head Pig tells us all is well.

Ayn Rand described all of this decades ago in her omni-prescient masterpiece “Atlas Shrugged”. Let us ask “Who is feeling the pinch?”. Who is getting screwed? The answer is that our current system is more like an inverted pyramid; layer and layer of crawing, screaming, lying, cheating fools and jesters piled ontop of each other and right at the very bottom, the very bottom, is a small number of people pressed down in the filth carrying the whole lot on their backs.

The ordinary families who don’t have the time or money to raise their kids anymore. The mothers who can’t stay at home and raise their children anymore. The middle class families who can’t afford to have children anymore. And men. Lots and lots of white, middle class men who are the very backbone of a modern civilized society. They toil away with zero respect and the system takes the fruits of their labour from them.

At what point does it all start to go wrong?

Let’s take a look at Norway! The other day some guy capped 68 people in a joint bombing and shooting “outrage”. Why did he do this? Well I’ve downloaded his 1,500 page manifesto and look forward to reading it but I suspect his views are very similar to my own and a vast amount of the Manosphere.

He lives in a country in the advanced stages of socialism and feminism. Cultural Marxism has long ago eroded the ties that bind people together and rampant immigration is destroying ages-old cultures. Men, despite doing virtually all of the work which generates a civilized society are stripped of their pride and role by rampant feminism. The lazy liberal leftist press allows no discourse other than within the bounds they set. Opinions outside of this are shamed and disallowed. At some point he feels he has no other option to make his case heard than by violence.

On an individual level I feel horror at what Anders Behring Breivik did to all of those families by killing their children. On a collective level I see it as collateral damage. If a hundred thousand people worldwide read his manifesto and at least a few hundred see the truth and WAKE UP then this a step towards rescuing society and the deaths will be repaid tenfold. How many people have already died through the ages in Norway to make it what it is now? How many Norwegian females pass their reproductive peak childless, their never-conceived children murdered by feminist lies? The only good feminist-socialist is a dead one.

My prediction is that the UK is on an express train to hell. The increasing idiocy of the way our society is run is exponential as more ways to tamper with systems are put in place to try and correct faults caused by previous tamperings. As our ability to produce genuine wealth rapidly dries up the few wealth producers are bled harder and harder. A lot of them start to simply give up and withdraw their labour. A lot of them leave and emigrate. In further folly the government throws the doors wide open to allow free for all immigration, desperate to keep receiving tax revenue. Finally our level of wealth equalizes with the countries that immigrants come from, the difference being in those countries you are allowed to become rich. Immigrants return home. Britain suffers a quiet revolution.

Or something like that. I see this happening in front of my eyes but does it bother me? It used to. Now I just laugh. I think the British deserve it.  I have zero intention of blowing anyone up to “make a case”. No way siree. I intend to live a rich, fruitful, productive and enjoyable life. I’ll simply leave. However I’ll be sure to visit regularly in twenty years time to gloatingly observe the chaos that I predicted.

Or maybe it won’t happen. Maybe men will finally wake up before that point. What will be the signs of the sleeping dragon awakening? Look out in the papers for signs of “unusual” increases in violence towards women or immigrants. Increases in rapes. Increases in prosecutions for “causing racial hatred”. Men dropping out of the mating game and self-bonding with male only activities. Women finding doors slamming in their faces. Random white middle class loners snapping and committing atrocities. Respectable, middle class office workers snapping during lunch one day in spitting in the face of their female colleagues.

It’ll be sweet. Oh so sweet. Let me lick your tears.

The Value Gap

July 25, 2011 3 comments

I met a female Chinese student the other day for “language practice”. I do want to keep up my Mandarin but admittedly if the girl that turned up happened to be hot I would have nothing against attempting to bang her.

She wasn’t. They mainly aren’t: Asian students in the UK are generally geeky. But what was interesting to see the apocalyptic effect of a noticeable value gap. It was expected. It often happens in these situations.

Tall:                 +Value!

British:            +Value!

Clear English:            +Value!

Funny:                        +Value!

Bbetter looking than her:           +Value!

We talked and walked for twenty or so minutes. Everything she asked led to drive-by DHVs:

Do you work?

>I care for my sick dad but am starting an IT company with friends

How come you speak Chinese?

>My company sent me to China to work

Did you get the Metro here?

>No I drove


It’s grotesque. After half an hour this girl thinks I’m Godlike.

You are so…. So strong. You are… a “bi niu” … a super cool person… a leader person… everyone love you… You are so intelligent… your brain is so clever… your Chinese is like a native person…

And on and on with this sycophantic blather. I don’t see eye-spazzing, drooling sexual attraction like a Western girl would feel with so much value pumping in her veins. Young, inexperienced Chinese girls are resevoirs of untapped sexual fury but it’s all behind concrete and they don’t know what to do with it. She stared at me a lot, gabbled to talk over me and endlessly tried to qualify.

It was nice for a little while but as I ultimately am not turned on by the girl I found it all a bit pointless and uncomfortable. If I meet her again I’ll try and knock it on the head and get on with some grammar. The interesting thing is seeing the effect of value on a girl. It’s dramatic. I’m toying with a theory now that value is to women what looks are to men. It’s the first bridge. Looks aren’t everything with women but for a man with options the raw sexual attraction/quality of looks has to be there. Once it’s there it’s banked and the rest is down to personality. Is value the first bridge for women? Are they genetically programmed to hunt for the biggest value gap between themselves and a man possible?

Here’s another pop-sociology explanation for one of the many fucked up things going on in the modern dating (or lack of) game:

  • Women need a value gap.
  • Give women money and jobs and status (even artificially) and there’s no value gap between them and men.
  • Cue miserable, single women all chasing Alphas because Joe Bloggs doesn’t get them past Bridge #1 like their dad (the schoolteacher) did for their mum (the shop assistant).
  • You can’t change this because people’s behaviour is in their genes.
  • Until these women (and high value men) all die out of course!

I’ve been having a think why this little Chinese girl found me so high value and I now agree. I AM high value. If I list my acheivements and capabilities it’s awesome; I think I can do great things. It’s easy to forget this. I kind of think that society makes you forget this. I feel that we live in a society where people are constantly, subtly encouraged to view their own value as lower. I think the British are steeped in it. Part jealousy. Part socialism. Part humility. Part anti-male social engineering. There’s a constant pressure to feel like you are less, not more.

Recognizing this and fighting against it is one thing, actually getting the respect you deserve is another. Forget it. It ain’t gonna happen. It’s going to take me many, many blog posts over a long period of time to fully illustrate The Grand Design, the great Conspiracy of Doom in which we’re living, but for now I’ll just randomly blurt out sentences and be too lazy to join them up:

  • Tinker with systems and they go wrong. Loosen a spring here, tighten a spring there, and soon you have a piece of clockwork in an exponential downwards curve of things going wrong. Knock on effects you don’t even imagine start to happen. Software developers see this every day.
  • Things which you tinker with less work better. They are natural. They are fair. They self-regulate.
  • Self-regulate. That’s important.
  • Society. People. Men and women living together. Getting along.
  • Fiddle a little with gender politics. Pass some laws.
  • Fail to control that which must be controlled. (someone let the chimps out)
  • Things start to go wrong. Fiddle some more. More things go wrong.
  • Marketing. Advertising. Television. Shaping people’s thoughts and ideas.
  • Wind forward a few decades.

Ta da!

A system which is a mish mash of glue, string and chewing gum. A clockwork mechanism with extra cogs, flywheels, springs and levers welded onto it, spilling out from the inside. Parts of it broken. Parts moving too fast. The hands on the clockface spinning round faster than the eye can see.

Gender relations, economics, money and society are all broken. I think a lot more than economics can be explained by the study of economics.

Let’s go back to value. The value system is broken. Utterly broken. If you have value (by my standards) your chances of having the average woman perceive and appreciate this value as she would naturally (in a non-broken system) are very small indeed.

Your options?

  1. Become a nihilist Alpha (e.g. Roissy) and just fuck while Rome burns.
  2. Anestheize yourself with TV, food and work and reproduce with a bossy woman (i.e. Herb).
  3. Leave

There’s many places in the world which have had their dalliance with socialism long ago and are more patriarchal and free market.

They’re all in Asia. See you soon DrunkenBaker.