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It’s ALL broken!

June 30, 2011 16 comments

I’d previously assumed that in other parts of society there were plenty of middle class people out their whose relationships with the opposite sex weren’t fucked up, they dated regularly, like the opposite gender and eventually found someone and settled into a happy long term relationship and marriage. I was randomly wandering through the kitchen the other day when it hit me; there aren’t. These people don’t exist in great numbers. It’s a myth.  Within a certain social grouping it’s all fucked. Apart from a few tiny exceptions it’s ALL broken. There aren’t offices full of men and women with happy dating lives. The system is totally broken. The idea that it must be working out there for other people is no more than that. Look at the evidence. Find me these dozens of 20 and 30 something men and women who have trouble free dating lives. You can’t. Find me hundreds of thousands of bitter, unhappy, single 30-somethings. Easy.

This may have been staringly obvious to some readers but I’d bet a fair few in the game thought the same as me. They thought it was them and men like them and they assumed for the majority of people it was all running normally. I’d like them to reassess that. Take a solid look round at all the 20/30 somethings that you know in both the big cities and the suburbs. Go through a mental list of your friends and see how many are happy, have satisfying dating lives or are in a relationship they’re delighted to be in. I think when you sit and think through it you’ll get a shock.

It’s all broken! It’s not just us. It’s almost everyone! This is the big secret right in front of our faces. For the middle class in the UK then for 90% of people the system is miserably broken and it’s little wonder that being middle class, professional and living in a big city in Britain is by and large an utterly miserable and unfulfilling experience.

So the entire social system behind male/female interactions is by and large broken. Huge tranches of the highest quality people in our society are growing old and infertile and dying out. This is a truth so huge and so obvious that very few seem to be able to see what’s right in front of their faces.

What’s gone wrong? I won’t drone at length about feminism but will come at it from a different angle. Think back to living in halls of residence at university. Equal numbers of males and females from a roughly heterogenous racial and social grouping living AND WORKING together in close proximity and socializing together. The result? Happiness. Large social circles. Huge networks of friends. Lots and lots of people hooking up and having fun. And almost no burning bitterness towards the opposite sex. Even failed Betas like myself had huge amounts of female friends who I respected and liked.

Let’s wind these groups of people ten years into the future. They’re not 20 and in their third year at Uni, they’re 31 and living in London. By now they probably have a whole strata of bitterness towards the opposite sex, blaming them for not living up to their expectations and this strata, ever deepening like a coastal shelf with time, further preventing their happiness.

Let me reiterate this. When at university males and females in general got along splendidly. The women didn’t resent men and vica versa. Let me quickly break down why the system is broken.

Social networks

People leave uni and move to new cities for work. They have little means or time to create a social network a fraction as good as the one they previously had. They have fewer friends, far less fun and about 3% of the time to do anything but work that they previously had.

Without a large social network people can’t get exposed to large amounts of new people and slowly get to know each other and work out who they like. The number of hookups plummets. Men go to bars to try and find women. Women go to bars to feel validated. They waste the precious years of their youth flaunting their value or sitting at home in their tiny, lonely apartments watching TV. It’s not a succession of unfulfilling relationships which makes people bitter… oh no.. here’s my core argument: it’s a lack of relationships at all which makes people bitter. People just aren’t having enough quality relationships. Men and women in the prime of their youth are spending large amounts of time single.

Spend lots of time single, add in a keen awarness of one’s ageing self, constant stress and fatigue from work, too much caffeine and alcohol and zero time for the self and you will crust up with misery like a never-cleaned toilet.

A solution

Yes us bloggers love to talk about feminism and social conditioning. It does have a lot to blame but I’d argue that if you put men and women in close proximity and have some commonality or a common task between them their natural, DNA-encoded joy of sharing each other’s company will come out and they will start to do what men and women have been doing since they popped into existence: getting along.

I’ve thought of a radical solution. Anyone with a spare billion or so could implement it.

Start with London.

  • Buy up a few tower blocks. Gut them and turn them into halls of residence. Corridors of small ensuite bedrooms with communal kitchens, TV-rooms, Gyms and games rooms. Think Pool, Salsa. Anything real and not digital.
  • Only singles can move in. And you can only stay there a year straight.
  • Brutally (and illegally) control access criteria.
  • 6 women to every 5 men.
  • Scatterings of super-hot non-British (Latin, Eastern European, Asian) immigrant women.
  • Homogenous groupings on social background and nationality.
  • You have to be single to get in.
  • Sophisticated smart-card system ensures that occupants HAVE to socialize a minimum amount and attend dance, acting or comedy classes. Dance is obligatory (more on this in a later post).
  • All male residents go on an induction course centred around learning about game and social conditioning.
  • All female residents go on an induction course centred around being taught they are not princesses. Like in a prison “scared straight” program single, infertile, high-achieving 40 year old women are brought in to meet the 20-something girls.
  • Everyone only works part-time. Impossible? Why? Simply throttle the welfare state down to that which can be supported by 10% tax, slash foreign-aid (except to like-minded countries like Japan) to zero and carry out a simple cost/benefit analysis by computer on every single immigrant who has entered the UK in the last 30 years. Well.. most would be gone as the welfare state goes but for the remainder if their wealth doesn’t pay for their health, their (non-working) family’s health and education and their illiterate grandparent’s (expensive) health and pension then… goodbye! The removal of millions of parasites crashes property values so the “real” cost of a room in such a location in London would probably be a couple of hundred quid a month. Tops. Now everyone is centrally based, so doesn’t commute, plus only works part time, people are not exhausted and stressed and have the time to spend time with each other.
  • Social activities are not enough. Shared tasks are required. The smartcard system is extended and people are required to engage in various mixed-gender character-building activities together over the course of months. Building tree-houses, learning Korean.. whatever.

The result? Mass dating and fucking and happiness on a scale never seen before.

Assuming the right-wing quasi-fascist benevolent dictatorship required for such changes never goes ahead then I say in all seriousness if all you do is set up halls of residences in the centre of cities for 20/30-something single professionals and carefully make sure there are 6 women to every 5 men then you would go a long way to stopping the frighteningly quick extinction of the British city-dwelling middle class. But that’s not what the Government wants is it?


I forgot to mention who the current system isn’t broken for.

  • Anyone not middle class.
  • Non-white communities.
  • Any woman above a 7 and under 35.
  • Players who work in bullshit industries (marketing, PR, fashion, etc) full of women.
  • Betas who are happy being Beta, work in a bullshit job (charity, politics, media, etc) and are happy with their dumpy, bossy girlfriend of 7 years.
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Funny videos

June 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Some random shit which amuses me:

First watch this:

WTF? “Chocolate Rain”? A black kid singing about “Chocolate Rain”? Just brilliant.

This version is better though…. fucking hysterical.

And this old chestnut just makes me happy every time I watch it.

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Desperate times…Desperate Measures…

June 28, 2011 7 comments

Online dating… again

Well my life’s pretty shit at the minute. I’m not in a job I hate, I don’t have cancer, I’m not trapped as a wage-slave due to an evil ex-wife, I’m not in a Thai prison… right, yeah, it could be worse. Still… I’m depressed as fuck. All the tell-tale signs are there. The constant fatigue, bingeing, inability to focus, inability to carry out the simplest of tasks. It’s like being a lazy woman.

The root of my problems can be traced to lack of pussy. In a recent post of mine, where I jabbered about inner-game, a very wise potato said:

“My opinion is your core confidence isn’t dependent on external validation, but if you are getting consistently shit (and not improving) feedback from the world you are doing something wrong. Your genes demand you mate, and if you don’t they’ll punish you for it eventually.”

This is true. What’s happened to me is that IT’S JUST TOO LONG since I had any fanny in my life. Very long. So long ago it’s abstract. It’s intangible. Ontop of this it’s so long since I had any real FUN on a regular basis I’m in serious danger of becoming a cynical, miserable cunt. Anyone seen the last episode of South Park?

What happens is after so long without pussy your hindbrain, your reptilian brain, or if you will your genes, start punishing you for not propagating them, for not pursuing your primal urge. Procreate! Chase women!  If you don’t take steps to do so you get more and more miserable and life starts to go wrong. Unfortunately being a miserable cunt isn’t the most helpful of mental states to be in to woo a charming lady for the fuck-slab.

As regular readers or friends will know I’m not working at present and am caring for my pap. I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and my frontbrain knows I could be using this wisely to build up my IT skills and work on entrepreunarial projects with friends. Yet despite my repeated efforts to do so, and all my logical understanding of how good this will be for me, I remain unable to focus or achieve much. The reason for this is the fires down in the engine room don’t produce enough steam anymore. My frontbrain knows the logic and wisdom of doing all these chores and character-building stuff but my good old hindbrain is just plain old sick of being miserable. It wants pleasure. It wants it now. And it will provide fuck all steam to do anything else until it gets it. Poof! I’m dead serious here. I feel like my entire life has run out of steam and I will be unable to do anything at all  until I solve this problem.

Having some mates and doing social stuff would be awesome but the most important thing is getting pussy. I’m confident that if I can aggressively vent a load of salty frustration into some real, living flesh twice a week, even that of a semi-gross mud turtle, it will do me the power of good. Screw the standards, I just need to get my rocks off.

Welcome back to online dating!

I’ve finally managed to scrape enough serotonin together for an evening to prepare and update my profile and send some messages. I think it was eating two tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream back to back that did it.

My frame is perfect for online dating; I don’t expect much, I don’t take it at all seriously and I don’t give a  fuck. Gone are the days when I’d laboriously read girls’ profiles and craft messages. Bullshit. Women are stupid retards and have zero logic, the only possible way to survive the process is by not giving a shit.

What better system to use than the Jambone Online Game method. This will be described in full in his upcoming eBook from the RSG Press but in brief this is what I did:

  • Got myself in a flippant mood and cranked out a profile:

  • Did a search and opened up 20 profiles of girls who looked at least a 6. Given that this is the North East this was not as easy as it sounds. 5 were lost due to collateral damage when I realised how fucking gross they were. Yet again the general standard of women in the North is astoundingly low. Shit in fact. I digress..
  • Cut and pasted the same subject and message text into each message.

I won’t describe the actual text as women, damn their petty suspicious, grubbing minds, often google these things, but it was pretty irreverent. In fact totally irreverent. Here’s a representative example:


Blue cakes don’t fall


Hey! I noticed you looking at my profile. At least stop and say hello you perv.

I don’t even finish sending all 15 before I get my first reply.

Got more ice-cream to eat and Minecraft to play but will keep you posted.



Nice quote: “celibacy is a living death”

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The Odyssey Begins..

June 27, 2011 4 comments

I’ve decided to read the whole of Roissy’s blog from start to finish. All 51 months of it. DrunkenBaker has just finished doing so and said it has changed his life.

It really is the best written pickup/gender politics blog out there. Four months down… forty seven to go.

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